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Zephyrman is a TV show in the universe of the Persona series. It is an obscure variant of Featherman.

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Details[edit | edit source]

Zephyrman is a Kamen Rider-Esque Tokusatsu show similar to those of Phoenix Ranger Featherman R, although nowhere near as popular, and potentially, obscure. It aired 20 years ago and not much of the current generation have heard of it, although Akira Konoe is a proud fan of the show and the titular character is his childhood superhero. According to a flashback, Zephyrman is a solitary enforcer of absolute justice akin to western superhero franchises instead of the Japanese Tokusatsu type which promotes friendship and teamwork. During the same flashback, Konoe accidentally killed his abusive father who broke into his house and tried to murder him when he was watching it, something that led to him modifying EMMA's behavior to have the other King's behavior match his mindset once he became Madicce's CEO and obtained the application from Kuon Ichinose so they won't end up like him.

Konoe's Shadow, upon preparing for combat, takes the form of the show's titular superhero to confront the Phantom Thieves.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Akira Konoe Concept art K2.jpg
Konoe taking the form of Zephyrman
Hero Akira.png
Konoe as Hero Akira (Zephyrman) as seen in-game
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