"...I finally understand. I'll hunt down every last criminal!"
—Zenkichi Hasegawa, Persona 5 Scramble

Zenkichi Hasegawa is a playable character from Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers. He is a police inspector from the Kyoto prefecture in charge of investigating the latest Metaverse-related incident.



Zenkichi has black shoulder-length hair, dark grey eyes, and a goatee, as well as sharing similar facial features as Masayoshi Shido. He wears a set of rimless glasses with a square narrow frame and a black suit with a tie. Underneath he has a light turquoise long-sleeves shirt with golden buttons in each end of it and black buttons in each side of the collar. He wears white sneakers.

As a Phantom Thief, Zenkichi wears a pinpoint blindfold as a mask. His attire is a black ankle-length tailcoat with black buckled tassels at the end of the sleeves, a silverish-gray folded up collar up at forehead-length with a large-brimmed fedora-based hat attached on the collar with a long swordfish-like point up at the front of the hat as the tailcoat has large 'V'-fashioned lapels. He also wears a high-collared jacket coat with silver accents with matching double bandolier belts and a matching holster belt where he can keep his firearm on the right side and puts the belt around his waist with another holster belt on the left side, black pants, silverish gray accented, black winkle pickers. His eyes turn blue when his close-up is activated.


While Zenkichi's appearance and demeanor suggests him as untrustworthy, he is actually deceptively intelligent and easygoing, which surprisingly, doesn't cover any hidden motives unlike Goro Akechi, another detective who joined under the Phantom Thieves and believes that they are just. However, Zenkichi also has a comical side to him, having a tendency to panic or overreact when he's caught completely off guard that usually involves him speaking while shouting in dismay.

He has some self-worth issues, caused by the death of his wife and his daughter's disdain towards him. This happens because Jun Owada, a noted poltician with ties to Masayoshi Shido, who had killed his wife in a hit-and-run accident where he was drunk driving and killed Aoi. Although his daughter was a credible witness, the whole crime was conveniently covered up and pinned on the politician's secretary (who subsequently committed suicide in shame). Despite being taken off the case due to his relation to the victim, Zenkichi still attempted to investigate Owada on his own. However, after a death threat was placed upon his daughter was issued against him, Zenkichi gave up on the case in fear of losing his daughter as well, and the Hasegawa household moved to Kyoto just because Akane's grandparents were there, causing his daughter to become more emotionally distant with him. Upon encountering his daughter Akane's shadow within the Jail (who was by the time heavily brainwashed and not acting like herself), and realizing the depths of her rage stemming from his failure to uphold justice and avenge Zenkichi's wife and the person blamed for the crime, he realizes his own hypocrisy in letting Owada go unpunished for his own convenience. However, upon hearing his Shadow's voice, coupled with the Phantom Thieves' encouragement to stand up for his family, he finally made a stand to fight by his own code of justice, which triggers his awakening as Wolf. He is even capable of convincing his superior, Miyako Kaburagi, to turn on the corrupt and now-powerless Owada, and personally spearheading in the punishment of the head culprit, Akira Konoe who manipulated and brainwashed his daughter in a delusional conquest to wipe out the world's crime.

As a Phantom Thief, akin to his codename, he fights shadows mercilessly like a rampaging wolf, considering it's not bad to go wild once in a while. Even the Phantom Thieves were surprised by his personality change in his first awakening and battle. His speech patterns in battle is akin to a wolf hunting its prey. Despite not being as physically active as the other thieves in terms of age, he's capable of recovering his stamina fast proven by his recovery speed in between after his first battle and before their mission to save Akane within the same day. True to his assigned Priest Arcana, he is the oldest Phantom Thief (and surprisingly, the oldest playable character in the Persona series), and takes his role as the adviser and father figure of the team seriously, despite being the newest member. He is shown to be wise and logical during discussions and strategies, as well towards the targets' shadows when convincing them to change their ways.


Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers

Zenkichi lives in Kyoto and has a daughter named Akane. He's a member of the Kyoto Prefectural Police. Two years ago, his wife, Aoi Hasegawa, passed away after being hit by a car. In reality, the incident was orchestrated by Jun Owada, a former lobbyist of Masayoshi Shido. While Zenkichi tries to dig in, he was being blackmailed by a death threat directed at Akane. Aware that Akane's life would be threatened if he insists on pursuing Owada, so he reluctantly relents when the police decides not to investigate the case and destroys his evidence under the premise that he is biased as a relative of the victim. After the incident, Zenkichi and Akane moved from Tokyo to Kyoto, where the latter's grandparents are around and Zenkichi often dumps her alone inside the residence without any supervision.

Because of Zenkichi's failure to solve the case behind her mother's killer and his general neglect towards her, Akane came to resent the Police and law enforcement in general, even going as far as supporting the Phantom Thieves of Hearts in fervor because she believes that they go against law enforcement. She also resented her father to an unhealthy degree since she's more often alone at home to the point of referring him by his name. The public security bureau chief of Tokyo, Miyako Kaburagi, however, promised him that she may overturn the case as soon as he sets her into power, with the requirement that he must follow her orders at all costs. This led to him working with Kaburagi to use the Phantom Thieves to investigate the new Metaverse incidents during the events of the game in hopes of bringing his wife's killer to justice.

He's in charge of investigating the mysterious conversion cases that appear to be separate from the previous ones involving changes of heart. He tracks down the Phantom Thieves of Hearts and decides to use them in order to investigate the increasing amounts of change of heart cases, with one that involved the mesmerizing of a talk show host being directly pinned on them. In reality, this was not of the Thieves' work, but those of Alice Hiiragi's. He approaches the protagonist and his friends by chasing off two dunkards, revealing himself to be a police and even exposes a police officer who is tailing them. Zenkichi reveals that the Police had suspected that the change of heart case with the talk show host a day ago being their work and blackmails the Phantom Thieves into working together with him in exchange he will guarantee their freedom from being suspects.

Throughout the investigation, Zenkichi proves to be a surprisingly trustworthy ally for the Phantom Thieves and the investigation on EMMA's mysteries and the data of its clients, even if he's assigned to arrest them when anything goes wrong. Despite his superior's order, Zenkichi grows closer to the Phantom Thieves, especially after they help comfort his daughter's loneliness. He provides them a hiding place when they are chased by people under EMMA's influence and promises that he will fulfill his end of the deal. To his surprise, however, he finds his superior, Miyako Kaburagi orders a fully armed arrest of the Phantom Thieves. Zenkichi tries to discourage her from arresting them as they are innocent. When this fails, he took the place for them to be arrested. Fortunately, he was quickly released from interrogation by Sae Niijima. At the same time, a forced search warrant was issued in Zenkichi's residence, and Akane asks for someone to save her out of a fit, having knew the Phantom Thieves were assisting Zenkichi all along. The EMMA application on Akane's phone responds autonomously without input, and the application advises Akira Konoe to ignore police and turn her into a King to take the Phantom Thieves' matters on his own hands. EMMA fakes an SNS message from Akane to capture the Phantom Thieves, and manages to do so with a heavily brainwashed Shadow Akane, with all party members bar Futaba captured because she was too weak to run.

Zenkichi goes to their hiding place and finds Futaba alone. Learning that his daughter has become the King of Kyoto's Jail, Zenkichi enters the Jail with Futaba to rescue the Phantom Thieves who are captured by Shadow Akane, who was now effectively acting as if she were Konoe instead of herself, even ranting about getting the hearts of the Phantom Thieves changed then going after her mother's killer (The exact same plan Konoe ordered EMMA to execute, followed by the man who killed Akane's mother being the same man Konoe is going after). Confronting his daughter's Shadow, Zenkichi finally explains he chose not to pursue Owada to protect her life, but then learns that Akane not only thinks about her mother, but also Owada's sercetary who are not protected like she is, shocking Zenkichi who never considered that his daughter would have thought that far. The revelation makes Zenkichi believe that he had failed to protect his loved ones, but the encouragement from the Phantom Thieves reignites Zenkichi's resolve to fight by his own code of justice, awakening his Persona, Valjean. He defeats Akane's Shadow horde and frees the rest of the party. Now able to fight, Zenkichi officially joins the Phantom Thieves.

Once the party reaches the end of Kyoto's Jail, Shadow Akane snaps and attacks the party as they deny her using copies of the Phantom Thieves. Wolf and Sophia fight against My Dear Futaba, while the rest take care of their own. After the protagonist defeats My Dear Joker, Shadow Akane collapses and thanks Zenkichi for saving her, then vanishes into light. Despite Zenkichi seeming to be grief ridden over his daughter's "death," he gets over it when Morgana informs him that it's just her Shadow Self, and the real person is perfectly fine. Once the party returns to the real world, the real Akane is actually rendered unconscious after she told EMMA to save her, and she comes into terms with Zenkichi.

While forming a plan to change Akira Konoe's heart, Zenkichi requests Kaburagi's help in his case, promising that Owada would be arrested. Kaburagi granted Zenkichi her permission, returning his police badge and giving him three days to solve the case. Once Konoe's heart is changed and he confessed to his crime, Zenkichi would later personally arrive alongside Kaburagi to arrest Konoe. While he couldn't forgive Konoe for using his daughter, he encourages him to atone for his crime and reform as a true hero of justice he dreams of, which touched Konoe.

When EMMA restarts on its own, Zenkichi joins the Phantom Thieves again to fight against the False God Demiurge and shut down EMMA once and for all. Once the Jail of the Abyss ceases to exist, Zenkichi bids the Phantom Thieves farewell as he is going to return to Kyoto once the case is closed. He is last seen waiting outside the building as Owada is arrested and escorted by the police.

During a New Game Plus, Zenkichi will be automatically in the party's default roster, regardless of the plot.


Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers
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Zenkichi's Close Up
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Concept art
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Concept art 2
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Zenkichi's status screen art
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Zenkichi with the protagonist and Sophia on the Weekly Famitsu Magazine Issue #1629 cover
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Artwork of Sophia and Zenkichi for P5S's release by Shigenori Soejima
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Zenkichi Pre-Release Wallpaper (576x1024)
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Wolf Pre-Release Wallpaper (576x1024)
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Zenkichi's Showtime
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Zenkichi Hasegawa
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Zenkichi in Shibuya
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Zenkichi at a Tokyo Public Security Bureau meeting revolving the Phantom Thieves
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Zenkichi awakening to his Persona
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Zenkichi at a Madicce building
Wolf's portrait
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Illustration of Zenkichi and Maruki by Rokuro Saito


Zenkichi's Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers Trailer


Zenkichi (善吉) means "good luck," and Hasegawa (長谷川) means "long valley river."

In Other Languages

Language Titles
Flag of the United States English Zenkichi Hasegawa Wolf
Flag of Japan Japanese 長谷川 善吉 (Hasegawa Zenkichi) ウルフ (Urufu)
Flag of South Korea Korean 하세가와 ? 키치 (Hasegawa Jenkichi) 울프 (Ulpeu)
Flag of Hong KongFlag of the Republic of China Traditional Chinese 長谷川 善吉 (Zhǎnggǔchuān shànjí) WOLF


  • Zenkichi is the first adult Persona user to be a full playable/party member since Persona 2: Eternal Punishment.
  • Unlike the other Phantom Thieves awakening, instead of tearing the mask off whole, Zenkichi breaks it into two. 
  • Zenkichi's overall Phantom Thief character is derived from French origins.
    • His Phantom Thief design is based on Le Pacte des loups (Brotherhood of the Wolf).
    • His Persona Valjean originates from the name of the protagonist of Victor Hugo’s 1862 novel Les Misérables, Jean Valjean.
    • His codename (Wolf) is derived from what criminals were called/labeled as in the Les Misérables novel. This alludes to his character while inside Kyoto's Jail: instead of following the law like a dog, he seeks his own justice as a rampaging wolf.
  • Alongside Shinjiro Aragaki, Koromaru and Metis from Persona 3, Zenkichi does not possess an Ultimate Persona.
  • Zenkichi Hasegawa is very similar to Ryotaro Dojima in that they're both widowers raising their single daughters by themselves while serving in the police force. Similarly, their daughters both inadvertently conceive realities of their own in their respective Shadow worlds, both spawned from the grief of losing their mothers, which are used to further the ends of the human antagonists (Akira Konoe, and Tohru Adachi through Taro Namatame respectively).
  • In-game dialogue indicates that Zenkichi is above 40 years old, making him the oldest playable character in the Persona series.
  • Zenkichi (along with his late wife Aoi Hasegawa, and his daughter Akane Hasegawa) shares his surname with Saori Hasegawa from Persona 3 Portable.


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