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"I chose to fight alongside Bethel to protect the people's peace. But I've now drawn him into this..."

Yuzuru Atsuta is a character in Shin Megami Tensei V.



Shin Megami Tensei V

Yuzuru is a friend of the protagonist. He is an honor student of Class B in Jouin High School and the older brother of Miyazu Atsuta. He's responsible, capable and assertive. He is a veteran member of Bethel Japan, and wields the Demon Summoning Program, commonly summoning Hayataro as his demon partner. Unlike Ichiro himself, he does not show hesitation to use it, though he only uses it for the good of others.

During Jouin High School's established buddy system for students to commute back home, as a countermeasure to mysterious murders that had been caused by demons seeping into Tokyo, Yuzuru would invite (or also convince) the stray protagonist to join him, Tao Isonokami and Miyazu on their way back to the dorms. Although their way through Shinagawa Station is blocked, he strays for the group, looking for student Ichiro Dazai who had wandered off. The protagonist, looking for both in the Takanawa Tunnel, suddenly collapses on the three, who suddenly find themselves in Da'at. When he finds the protagonist and later Dazai, the two later join Bethel as well.

When Koshimizu reveals himself as Tsukuyomi and announces his plans to take the throne, he reveals that Yuzuru is his Knowledge bearer. Driven to protect Tokyo, he agrees to serve as his Nahobino. Their goal is formed on the basis of protecting Tokyo and the inability of a single God to protect it, entrusting his power to everyone, reviving the era of the myriad gods.

Yuzuru and Dazai will butt heads in their conflict over how godhood should rule. Although Yuzuru backs himself up with the concept of free will, Dazai points out that he supports himself acknowledges his mistakes. This may be a fatal drawback of Atsuta and Koshimizu's ideologies, as they often ignore possible drawbacks in their plans. Although Yuzuru still feels genuinely devastated in the face of tragedy, such as during Isonokami and Itsukishima's deaths, his methodology usually ignores that. This might be represented in the respective "Myriad Gods" ending, where the victorious protagonist feels genuine sadness upon seeing his world be stirred with conflict, but would conclude with holding firm to his beliefs.

Depending on who the protagonist sides with, Tsukuyomi will be the second possible boss in priority before Nuwa and after Abdiel, so they're the first rival in Abdiel's path, and the second in Nuwa's.


  • Yuzuru's surname Atsuta means "kindness, honesty/honest" (敦) (atsu) and "field, rice paddy" (田) (ta).

In Other Languages

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Flag of South Korea Korean 아츠타 유즈루
Flag of Hong KongFlag of the Republic of China.svg Traditional Chinese 敦田 結弦

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