""I... I think I know what you mean... Aegis, so long as you exist... I’ll be happy...""
—Yuu Kimijima professing her affection for Aegis.

Yuu Kimijima is a character from Aegis: The First Mission.



Yuu Kimijima has long teal hair in a asymmetric hairstyle with a small ponytail, with light grey eyes. She is always seen wearing a white labcoat with a dress shirt, grey-black trousers and boots. She wears a ribbon that is similar to Aigis 's.


""No mere machine can hold life as you do... And if you don’t, then I question whether humans themselves are alive...""
—Yuu Kimijima expressing her inner conflict of the value of humanity and the value of Aigis.
Yuu Kimijima is generally friendly and treats Aigis like a human being and wishes others to treat her like that. She is also the one who gave Aigis her red ribbon. Despite her affection for Aigis, she is frustrated at her inability to recognise and understand her emotions, even if she feels them in some capacity. She tries continually to try to allow Aegis to understand, but is never able to convince her using conventional means. 

Yuu conflicts with Souta Aizawa from the start of the game, however this is mainly because of his inability to see Aegis as a human being rather than a machine. As Souta trains Aigis to be more and more robotic, Kimijima grows more angry of him, even to the point of physically accosting Souta. However, her hatred for him is somewhat superficial, as she reveals that her and Souta grew close to eachother after she moved from Yakushima and that Souta would protect her in times of loneliness.  Yuu has an opposition to Takashi Tomari because of how close he is to Aigis, perhaps indicating that Yuu wishes to have Aigis to herself so that she can protect her. However, she recognises that she can use Takashi to provoke a response from Aigis, and uses him to create a shadow that she would later use against Aigis for this purpose.  However, towards the end of the game it is revealed that Yuu struggles with a conflict between her duty as a researcher and her devotion to Aigis. Takeharu Kirijo 's acceptance of Aigis being an acceptable loss distresses her, and leads her to leave the lab to never return. Later, after Aigis defeats the shadow she created, she reveals that her intention wasn't to cause harm purely for the sake of evil; it was instead to prompt Aigis to awaken to her emotions and to understand. By testing whether Aigis would follow her programming or her heart, Kimijima hoped to show her that she should acknowledge the latter instead of relying on just her programming.  In her final moments, Yuu expresses profound remourse to Aigis for all that she has done, and that she will always be hers, even in death. 


Aegis: The First MissionEdit

Yuu Kimijima is the scientist who took over from her predecessor as Aigis' development chief.

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