"If you want anything in this tower, you must give up something in return."
—Yuriko Yamamoto

Yuriko Yamamoto is a minor antagonist in the Snow Queen Quest of Megami Ibunroku Persona.



Megami Ibunroku PersonaEdit

Yuriko appears as the master of the Thanatos Tower, one of the three towers that emerge during the Snow Queen Quest. A seemingly upbeat and popular student, she was driven into the mask's control by her uncertainties and fears about the future. Declaring that her tower runs on the rules of give and take, she tricks the protagonist into relinquishing his or Yukino Mayuzumi's Persona in order to progress, requiring the party to detour to Tartarus in order to retrieve it.

In life, she was a popular student obsessed with keeping her good looks and cute demeanor and killed herself under the Snow Queen mask's influence, afraid that she would lose those qualities as she aged. After Thanatos is defeated by the party, she realizes the error of her ways and passes on peacefully.


  • She is named after the Japanese actress of the same name. Their names are also written with the same kanji.

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