"Do not fear, I won't kill you, but you'll be hurt if you let your guard down!"
—Yuri Takano

Yuri Takano (ユーリ高野) is the heroine of Shin Megami Tensei Trading Card: Card Summoner. She is a young girl that befriends Yuuji Kino during the championship.


Kind, shy and determined, Yuri demonstrates that she'll help Yuuji Kino no matter what to achieve his goals. She has the same role as the Law Hero.



Path to VictoryEdit

Yuri is first met by Yuuji in the Victory Battle Card Championship. She is the first to welcome him. During the Championship's advancing, Yuri is shown to be a very powerful player, and shows interest in Yuuji for unknown reasons, helping him to achieve his goal of defeating Master Karl to avenge his sister's defeat. The player can face her (alongside The Alien, Manitou  and Demiurge) in an optional battle if he accepts to train with her before the semi-finals as a member of the Summoner race, only to increase the player's level (she gives 10 level increases if defeated). When the semi-final starts, the older sister of Yuuji, Samantha Kino, tries to defeat him in order to prevent him from being defeated by Karl, but Yuri challenges Samantha and the battle ends in a draw, giving Yuuji the chance to defeat Karl and become the new Champion.

Friend or Foe?Edit

After Yuuji becomes the champion, he confesses his love to Yuri and both begin to date each other. Yuuji discovers that Yuri is being hunted by a group called the "Devil Busters," who seek to steal her ability of casting magic. If the player does not choose to save her, the game will end.


Path to VictoryEdit

Race Level HP MP
[[Summoner]] 80 8500 1100
Strength Defense Magic Speed
12 20 20 20
List of Skills
Summon Mediarama Maziodyne
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