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Yuri is the default name for the protagonist of Last Bible II.



Yuri was born on the same day that Gryas was prophesied to return. Due to this prophecy, the king of Magoku ordered all infants born on that day to be killed; Yuri survived because he was raised by Solion in the Demon Kingdom. He can equip Swords, Spears, and Shurikens. He is childhood friends with Larsa and Medea.

Yuri originally started his journey to save his adopted mother after she was captured by Medoch, but it soon evolves into a quest to save the world, find a mythical city, and discover the cause of why nature itself is deteriorating. He makes many new friends along the way, and allies with the countries of Elba and Bulton who wish to live together in peace with the beasts and oppose Magoku's desire to destroy them all. Unfortunately Yuri is unable to prevent Solion from dying and is forced to confront his childhood friend as an enemy after the latter begins a crusade against humanity. Worse while Magoku attacks other countries his travels with his allies reveals that the cause of the world's deterioration is not by Gryas but an unknown being seemingly made out of Gaia energy.

Though Magoku is eventually crushed by its own madness, Yuri is forced to chase after his friend Larsa who begins using his Gaia power to try to destroy and remake the world through creating a dimensional underworld. He also is unable to save his other childhood friend Medea after she is captured by pirates. Due to their friendship Larsa sends Yuri his location via dreams, and challenges him to stop him at the underworlds entrance. Having separated from all his new friends other than Safia, Yuri is forced to battle Larsa alone and defeats him in battle. Larsa has a heart to heart with Yuri before dying.

After Larsa is defeated, Yuri is revealed to be Gryas' reincarnation. However the beast king is not an evil conquer but a noble hero who protects all life and is the only one who can stop the true destroyer Black Gaia. 2000 years ago Gryas decided to become the protector of the beasts as he saw all living creatures as deserving of live. But he was then forced to try and save the planet when Black Gaia arose due to the accumulated darkness of its inhabitants. Unfortunately he and his allies were killed and Black Gaia destroyed the planet forcing the surviving humans and beasts to flee to another world where they continued their war. Due to the centuries of violence and hatred between humans and beasts, the truth was distorted and Gryas was believed by the humans to be the cause of the previous world's destruction, due to siding with beasts over his own kind back then. Yuri also realizes that most of his friends are the reincarnations of his friends from his previous life who joined him in his failed attempt to stop Black Gaia. Together (with the help of his past self) they master force and confront Black Gaia in the underworld Larsa had created. Yuri then returns to the beast forest with his adopted brothers Cerberus and Ortherus to lead the beasts as king.


Spell Obtained
Agira Level 4
Deiama Level 7
Tranpa Level 15
Agirama Level 22
Deiaman Level 29
Agidai Level 34
Moonlit Complete Tower of Rama


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