Yurakucho Tunnel

Tunnel Entrance

Yurakucho Tunnel (ユウラクチョウ坑道, Yurakucho Koudou)? is a location in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne.



The Yurakucho Tunnel is traversed by the Demi-fiend after the fall of Mifunashiro and the awakening of Baal Avatar. It lies to the northwest of Ginza, but must be reached by following the roads to the east and doubling back across the Rainbow Bridge, then heading north past the Tokyo Tower. Shortly after entering, the Demi-fiend will be confronted by the last Fiend, Trumpeter.

The tunnel interior is a darkened place, requiring Light Balls or Lightoma to see the map and the landscape. It is also riddled with steep one-way slopes, hidden pitfalls and one-way doors.

The Demi-fiend can encounter a spirit named Shige here, who will be digging for buried treasure. Loaning a demon to him will result in the Demi-fiend receiving a pick of two treasure chests and the Kimon Stone after several cycles of Kagutsuchi. The Kimon Stone will unlock the sealed temple west of Asakusa.


Level Race Demon HP MP Weak Strong Null Drain Repel Skills
4 Brute Shikigami 48 27 Fire - - - Elec Zio, Sukunda, Tarukaja, Tarunda
47 Night Kaiwan 372 198 Expel Magic Death - - Rakukaja, Sukukaja, Charm Bite, Sonic Wave, Evil Gaze, Gathering (Kaiwan), Mudoon
49 Jirae Titan 416 177 Elec - Force - - Retaliate, Guillotine, Fire Breath, Stun Gaze
52 Yoma Efreet 402 225 Ice - - Fire - Maragidyne, Prominence, Makakaja
52 Femme Dakini 414 189 Ice Fire - - - Agidyne, Mamudo, Blight
52 Tyrant Loki 432 216 - Phys/Magic/Ailments - - - Mabufudyne, Makajamon, Dragon Eye, Beast Eye
53 Night Loa 414 225 Expel - Death/Curse/Nerve - - Debilitate, Tetraja, Mamudo, Venom Bite, Stone Gaze, Mamudoon, Last Resort
54 Brute Shiki-Ouji 420 234 Fire - Phys - Expel/Death Mahamaon, Mamudoon, Stun Needle
55 Jirae Gogmagog 456 207 Fire - Phys/Ice/Death - - Sukunda, Tarunda, Rakunda, Tornado, Berserk, Diarama
55 Snake Quetzalcoatl 492 201 Elec Phys Ice - - Stone Bite, Berserk, Toxic Cloud
61 Beast Cerberus 592 225 Ice Phys - - Fire Iron Claw, Binding Cry, Hellfire, Retaliate
63 Haunt Rakshasa 474 249 Elec/Expel - - - Death Berserk, Stun Claw, Life Drain


Cache CubesEdit

  • Medicine x1
  • Loa x4
  • Bead x1
  • Muscle Drink x1
  • Life Stone x2
  • Bead x1
  • Loa x2, Cerberus x1
  • Soma Droplet x1
  • Bead of Life x1

Mystical ChestEdit

  • Pearl x1
  • Vi Incense x1

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