Yumi Tasaka is a character from Persona -trinity soul-.



Persona -trinity soul-Edit

Yumi Tasaka was Megumi Kayano's upperclassman in the street dancing club of Naginomori Gakuen's high school division. She came up on a circulated list of special A latencies due to her participating in Kagenuki with Kanaru Morimoto, which led to her being watched by the police. Despite the police's best efforts, she was cornered by the Marebito's Yuji Kimoto who attempted to forcibly consume her Persona as he had done in previous Reverse cases.

Ryo Kanzato arrived in time to save her from being consumed, but she suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of her near-miss with Apathy Syndrome. She was hospitalized and her Persona was permanently damaged from the event. Worried about Yumi's mental health, Megumi reached out to her, asking her to come along with her friends on an overnight trip. They stayed at an inn Yumi and Megumi had previously visited during a period when Megumi was struggling with self-doubt in her street dance.

In this overnight trip, Yumi wanders at night and almost accidentally topples off the edge of the lighthouse's balcony while in a trance. She is saved by Megumi's Diana.


Yumi Megumi
Yumi and Megumi on their first overnight trip
Yumi Attacked
Yumi attacked by Yuji
Yumi after the attack
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