Yuko Osada is a character mentioned in Persona 4: Dancing All Night.

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Persona 4: Dancing All Night[edit | edit source]

Yuko was an idol seen in chapters 0-1, where she presumably died by hanging herself with a long yellow decorative ribbon. She used to work at Takura Productions.

Later, somehow one of the pages of Yuko's diary ended up in the Circus Tent saying she was unhappy with her job as an idol and wanted someone who would understand her. Another page is found on the next stage, Sultry Lounge. Before she committed suicide, she was supposed to perform the song, "Calystegia"—but didn't due to her stage fright. On Rise's side, another page of her diary was found in Doll House, where she felt guilty about something that someone she knows is aware of. The last of her pages was found in Romantic Castle, where she becomes obsessed with bonding with everyone, but she made the mistake of changing the lyrics and decided she was going to put an end to this. In chapter 5, it is revealed that she and Kyoka Ochimizu knew each other and that they shared a certain connection.

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