Yuki Kanzato is a character from Persona -trinity soul-.



Persona -trinity soul-Edit

The twin sister of Jun Kanzato, Yuki died during the incident in Ayanagi City ten years before the beginning of the anime. With Ryo Kanzato's permission, Keisuke Komatsubara transplanted a section of her brain onto Jun's in order to save Jun's life. Due to this, their innate Persona were combined to create Seth. Despite Yuki's death, Jun still appears to talk to her, often having conversations with her in private.

In Shin Kanzato's dreams of an idealized world, she appears to still be alive and has a good relationship with her family.

After Ayane Komatsubara separates her from Jun, allowing Yuki to become the dominant personality, Yuki returns to acting as she does in flashbacks from before the incident-- playful and mischievous, with an interest in fashion. The difference between her personality and Jun's is enough to make those close to him aware that it isn't him. However, in Jun's body, Yuki cannot control Seth, which becomes apparent when Marebito kidnaps her. Recognizing how important stopping Marebito is, though, she goes through with the plan that Jun had originally proposed to Akihiko Sanada.

At the end of the series, she and Jun attempt to merge with the whale, but are stopped by Shin. In the epilogue, Jun has become the dominant personality again.


Yuki Child
Yuki with her brothers as a child
Shin hugging yuki
Anime Artwork of Yuki being hugged by Shin in his ideal world.
Yuki Ryo
A younger Yuki pestering Ryo
Yuki Idealized
Yuki in Shin's ideal world
Yuki Merging
Yuki and Jun decide to merge with the whale


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