Yuchi Jingde (コケイトク, Kokeitoku) is a Persona in the series.


Yuchi Jingde (尉遅恭) was a general during China's Tang Dynasty that was later deified as 胡敬徳, alongside fellow general Qin Shubao. As the legend goes, the emperor asked them to stand guard over his sleep to ward off a ghost that had been troubling him in the night. Under their guard, he slept peacefully and commissioned portraits of the two of them to keep watch over his room. Due to this legend, they are known as door gods and commonly used to attract good luck and ward off evil spirits.



Persona -trinity soul-Edit

Yuchi Jingde is Shiiba Kusu's Persona and shares a similar design to his older brother's Persona, Qin Shubao. Unlike Qin Shubao, Shiiba does not appear to have consumed as many other Persona. However, he struggles with the ability to control his, collapsing in an early instance of using it. He uses it to great effect, however, in forcing a truck driver to swerve into traffic in an attempt to target Jun Kanzato.


Yuchi Head
Yuchi Jingde's upper half
Yuchi Truck
Yuchi Jingde summoned in front of a truck
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