"You are Jonathan, yes? I heard tell of the incident yesterday. You did quite well, coming back safely from that. The lord must be watching over you..."
—Ys, Shin Megami Tensei IV -Prayers-

Ys is a character in Shin Megami Tensei IV -Prayers-.



Ys wears the default samurai uniform. He has long dark hair with parted bangs. Once he becomes a demon his sclera's become black and he has black feathered wings.


Ys is a prodigy samurai who is next in line to be the commander. His demeanor is gentle and humble. He is law aligned.


Ys is first seen in Mikado Castle's Samurai Station. He states that he had to the roll of Commander Hope due to an urgent meeting. Ys praises Jonathan for quelling the Shim O'Key Tezawer village fire and slaying the Pele that caused it. He later joins Jonathan, Walter, Isabeau, Navarre and Asuma after catching them sneaking out to a Sabbath. The Samurai discover that the Black Samurai is behind these Sabbaths and is turning people into demons with books. After Asuma slays a human who has turned demon, Ys decides to stay behind and investigate. He orders his fellow Samurai to return to the Dormitories. While investigating, Ys intentionally opens one of the Black Samurai's books to become a demon.

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Ys Prayers 2
Ys as a demon
Ys and an unknown demon
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