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You in Wonderland (不思議の国のアナタ?) is the first Labyrinth in Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth.


The title is a play on the Japanese title of Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" (不思議の国のアリス?) and the labyrinth is themed after the story, something that is discussed by the cast and used in some of the floor puzzles.

Going along with the book motif, individual floors of You in Wonderland are called "Chapters", with the final floor being known as the "Epilogue".

This labyrinth consists of four floors and introduces many key concepts of the game, such as the mapping system, blank cards, Power Spots, and F.O.E.

The setting is inspired by Rei's memories of reading story books.


Power SpotsEdit

  • Floor 1
    • Cake Page
    • Mushroom Page
    • Tart Page
  • Floor 2
    • Turtle Page
    • Gryphon Page
    • Dormouse Page
  • Floor 3
    • Hatter Page
    • Cook Page
    • Duchess Page

100% Map Completion ChestsEdit

  • Floor 1: Heal Stone
  • Floor 2: Recarm Skill Card
  • Floor 3: Media Skill Card


Dropped by normal shadowsEdit

Sub-personas dropped by F.O.E.sEdit

Card SoldierEdit
Painting SoldierEdit
Golden BeetleEdit


  • White boxes indicate Rare Shadows.
  • Dark Purple boxes indicate FOEs.
  • Purple boxes indicate Bosses.
Shadow Weak Resist Block Absorb Floor Drops
Cowardly Maya Fire, Ice, Elec, Wind, Dark - - -Tutorial
Ch 1
Adhesive Piece
Adhesive Hand
Lying Hablerie Bash, Elec, Fire, Light - - -Tutorial
Ch 1
Ch 2
Ch 3
Tongue Piece
Tongue Skin
Laughing Table Stab, Fire, Light, Dark - - -Ch 1
Ch 2
Desk Piece
Desk Leg
Calm Pesce Elec, Dark - - -Ch 2
Ch 3
Fish Piece
Fish Filet
Fish Eye
Jupiter Eagle Wind, Light - - -Ch 2
Ch 3
Eagle Piece
Eagle Wings
Justice Sword Ice, Dark - - -Ch 2
Ch 3
Sword Piece
Sword Hilt
Sleeping Table Ice, Light, Dark - - -Ch 2
Ch 3
Table Piece
Table Leg
Table Silverware
Enslaved Beast Fire, Light, Dark - - -Ch 2
Ch 3
Lion Piece
Lion Iron Ball
Agitating Hablerie Wind, LightFire, Ice, Elec - -Ch 3Clapper Piece
Clapper Skin
Heat Balance Elec, Wind, Light, Dark Fire, Ice - -Ch 3Scale Piece
Scale Dish
Burning Beetle Ice Light, Dark - -Ch 3Bug Piece
Bug Horn
Bug Shell
Wealth Hand -Everything - -AllWealth Piece
Card Soldier - - Light, Dark -Ch 1
Ch 2
Ch 3
High level Persona
Ripped Card
Painting Soldier - - Light, Dark -Ch 3High level Persona
Painted Card
Sword Soldier
Spear Soldier
Staff Soldier
Wand Soldier
Fire, Ice, Elec, Wind, Light, Dark - - -End-
Queen of Hearts - - Light, Dark -EndChildren's Book
Golden Beetle Elec Cut, Stab, Slash, Wind Light, Dark -EndBug Gold


You in Wonderland Floor -1
Chapter 1
You In Wonderland Floor -2
Chapter 2
You in Wonderland Interior
Interior of You in Wonderland
PQ Side P3 You in Wonderland
You in Wonderland seen in Side: P3
PQ Side P4 You in Wonderland
You in Wonderland seen in Side: P4

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