"Let's stop deciding stuff with majority rule, and actually talk about things from here on!"
—Yosukesaurus, Persona Q2

Yosukesaurus (ヨウスケサウルス, Yousukesaurus)? is a boss and a major character in Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth.



Yosukesaurus is a Herbivore Dinosaur that has fur with black and grey patterns on it, and his build is similar to the other herbivore dinosaurs, having a large body, narrow arms and stubby legs. His head is the same as Yosuke Hanamura's, complete with a pair of headphones.

When he transforms to attack the party, Yosukesaurus seems to take more carnivore dinosaur traits, having a sleek build and having a Shadow Yosuke-like color scheme, wearing a red scarf, having a pair of long horns on top of his head and camouflage patterns on his body. In this form, he also has a black head with a white band on the center.


Yosukesaurus is initially not very different from any other Herbivore Dinosaur in the reality, although unlike the others he is willing to befriend the party as opposed to the others that consider them as enemies for no good reason. Even so, if all of the Dinosaurs voted for something, he has to forcefully agree with them no matter how ridiculous the decisions are even if it's against his best interests.

When the other Herbivore Dinosaurs force him to attack the party, he goes berserk, clutching his head constantly and going onto a rampage against them. Once the party beats him back to his senses, he is made sane again and had more influence around his surroundings, allowing him to rally his Herbivore Dinosaur friends from their cowardice and help the party repel the carnivorous dinosaur.


Persona Q2: New Cinema LabyrinthEdit

Yosukesaurus is the outcast dinosaur in the movie Junessic Land and is the "villain" of the movie which "must be overcame." The party first encounters him eating grass, in which he was attacked by a bunch of shadows while the rest left him and fled. They mistake the dinosaur for the real Yosuke, but he does not understand what humans are and is in fact a completely different entity. The dinosaur is initially unnamed, but is nicknamed "Yosukesaurus" by the party. He befriends the party and is willing to assist them to trap and outsmart carnivorous dinosaurs.

He had read a human book where it is said that there is a "paradise" where no carnivorous dinosaurs can reach, and all of the dinosaurs followed his decision and set their path to there. After the party successfully traps the carnivore dinosaur in an electric cage, he was forced to vote for lynching the party from reality, kicking them back to the cinema despite it was against his will, because he cannot reject the decisions of others just by himself.

Persona Q2 New Cinema Labyrinth Boss Yosukesaurus RISKY

Persona Q2 New Cinema Labyrinth Boss Yosukesaurus RISKY

Yosukesaurus boss fight.

Eventually, it turns out that the "paradise" was nothing other than a dead-end clearing at the isle's end. The Herbivore Dinosaurs voted to kick Yosukesaurus because he was supposedly deceiving them, although he did not know about the "paradise's" true nature in the first place. The Herbivores then force him to attack the party since they thought that the humans are the ones deceiving them, despite the party had no involvement with the book. Being thrown into despair by his "friends," he goes berserk and transforms into a carnivorous dinosaur resembling Shadow Yosuke to attack the party, even calling three Herbivore Dinosaurs for help. After the other three dinosaurs are defeated, Yosukesaurus regains his sanity and all of the dinosaurs apologize to the party for their actions, but at this time the carnivore dinosaur F.O.E reaches the farthest clearing. Yosukesaurus confronts the carnivore dinosaur alone but is swiftly defeated. However, at the same time the other Herbivore Dinosaurs began to listen to him and they teamed up to severely damage the carnivorous dinosaur enough for the party to force it to flee. Yosukesaurus and the other dinosaurs now officially agree to build actual friendships instead of simply acting as a hivemind.

It was later revealed that Yosukesaurus is a cognitive copy of the secondary school Hikari that appeared in Junessic Land. During her secondary school era, she helped a student known as Miyuki and helped her clean her desk when the bullies drawn insults and dumped trash on top of it. Hikari asked her out to watch a dinosaur movie which is about herbivore dinosaurs uniting their strength to rescue their friends from their carnivorous dinosaur oppressors in a pinch situation. She agreed but the other girls refused in avoidance of Miyuki and on the next day Hikari herself became a target for the bullying. Initially her friends only wanted to lynch Miyuki out of their group because they did not want to be involved with the bullies in the school, but Hikari did not want anyone to be lynched. Instead, she just wanted the girls to continue to be friends with each other. Her friends responded by lynching her out of egotism and Miyuki was forced to join in against her will, because the other friends have the number advantage,and all of the girls considered her an outcast for not agreeing with the hivemind. The traumatic events resulted in Hikari barely having any friends for the remainder of her student life and simply mentioning having actual friends triggers her to shut down.

Just like the secondary school Hikari, Yosukesaurus wanted to protect his friends from their oppressors, but ended up becoming alienated and outcast by them due to their selfish self-preservative instincts and the resulting inability to rally an ignorant mass, making him a target for both his oppressors and his "friends," with the latter group driving him into despair by threatening to lynch him out from their group.

Yosuke's form was simply an actor for the movie that is given form by the Investigation Team's perception of social outcasts, and so the cognition was able to take on a completely different form from its host, only inheriting her behavior and thoughts.

Near confronting the true mastermind of the game, a projection of Yosukesaurus is required to be defeated and replaced with the final edited version of Junessic Land. Unlike the real one, projection Yosukesaurus is uniformly hostile as it is merely a lifeless projection of pure negativity that took this form by resonating with the edited film, and its speech patterns are refined. Unlike in the main fight, projection Yosukesaurus doesn't call any help.

Right before the final battle against the mastermind, the edited version of the movies displays that the Herbivore Dinosaurs had built a real friendship with Yosukesaurus and they began to respect each other's differing opinions, with Yosukesaurus commenting that it would be more fun to decide things this way.

When the Investigation Team return to reality and Junessic Land begins to broadcast in the Dojima Residence TV, Yosukesaurus is implied to appear in the movie. However, none of the P4 cast recognized him, as their memories of the adventure are wiped out.


Yosukesaurus himself cannot be killed; he will continue to fight even if his HP is 0. He can be hit, although doing so will have no effect. However, at a quarter of HP remaining he will summon three Herbivore Dinosaurs for help; If the party lands an attack on him at this phase, he will respond by attacking. Defeating all dinosaurs on screen will end the fight instantly.

Binds and Poison/Panic are nigh-on mandatory, as all four enemies are affected by them. Furthermore, the herbivores are also affected by Strength and Magic binds.

Yosukesaurus will use variations of Sukukaja exclusive to him in order to boost his agility by 2 or 3 stages. Agility Bind him as fast as possible, as otherwise he will quickly become dangerous by ensuring that he will move first. He majorly attacks with wind attacks and Headbutt. The Herbivore Dinos have the ability to raise Yosukesaurus' attack and use Disarm and Makajam to cripple the party's attack options, and must be neutralized quickly with status as they will allow Yosukesaurus to one-shot the party.

Yosukesaurus will have no weaknesses at first, so make sure to agility bind and poison him as fast as possible; Once his HP drops by a quarter and he clutches his head he will gain an electric weakness and will begin to use Garu, Lunge and Tentarafoo. Tentarafoo is especially dangerous as it can cause party members to attack their allies. The Herbivores, from left to right are weak to Psy, Nuke and Ice. However, none of the enemies can be downed for an All-Out Attack.

There will be a forced Tyranniqueen encounter after defeating him, although the party's HP and SP will be fully recovered there, so feel free to spend resources as usual.


Yosukesaurus Enemy
Yosukesaurus' boss form
Projection Yosukesaurus
Projection Yosukesaurus
Yosukesaurus Concept Art
Yosukesaurus Concept Art.
PQ2 LINE Stamp 13
LINE sticker


  • Yosukesaurus represents the Yosuke during the beginning of Persona 4, who was treated as an outcast by Inaba's older citizens due to him being the son of Junes's branch manager. Junes was the multi-branch shopping mall that resulted in the closure of many stores in the Central Shopping District, which caused the store owners in the district to resent Yosuke, even though he had no involvement in the closure of their stores. This similarity to Hikari's own feelings of alienation made him an ideal stand-in for Hikari herself during middle school, as she felt resented for no good reason apart from her middle school friends' egotism.
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