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Ying Yang - Persona 4 The Golden Animation

"Ying Yang" is a song composed by Tetsuya Kobayashi for Persona 4 The Golden Animation, featuring vocals from Lotus Juice and Shihoko Hirata. The song plays as background music in episode 7, "It's cliché, so what?", in Magatsu Inaba during the fight between between Yu Narukami and Tohru Adachi. It was included on the bonus CD of Persona 4 the Golden ANIMATION Volume 3, and is the last track on the CD.

The song is in call-and-response format, with Lotus Juice singing from the perspective of both Yu and Adachi.


The lines sung from Yu's perspective are italicized, while those sung from Adachi's are in bold. Shihoko Hirata's lines are neutral.

No no no no
Yes yes yes yes
No no no no
Yes yes yes yes

Ain't no such thing as trust nor justice
So disgusting, you're ass kissers
Y’all die spell curse came from hell
Past is what you don't wanna dwell
It's all BS it's all garbage
I say neither it's vice-versa

Lost in himself
Maze he has made

Ay yo

Just tryin' to reach out reach out
Ain't those bluffers gonna get you out
Hmm... nothing but middle finger
Hate to ignorance, stop the whimpers
Misunderstanding man that’s too much overreacting
Better go check that
Statements on it, you can own it
I am flawless
More like thoughtless

Chasing stars above (So so far)
Overlooks his own path (Dark dark night)
Where is light when needed, he didn’t get it
Enough for a man to lose sight for frail pride

So lost in the starless night
Sun don’t rise
On the blind mind
Around and 'round there goes now
Waiting for another falling
Let there be stars to guide him the way
In this poor night

So numb, he’s become so numb
Weights of life
So exhausted
He will not be who he’s not
So sick of lies over lies but
Can’t tell what is a lie anymore
He’s going so numb

Your crew love that gibberish
To me that’s illiterate
Makes me want to obliterate it
You just love bein' bitter-y, don't ya?
I'm thinking you just might be
You just like me I’m just lucky
Just took it wrongfully and it just
Might not be entirely your fault, oh!

Just let it go
Open the door

No words can mean anything at this point so we must battle!
That’s just you and that’s how you mishandle things mishandle handle now
You tellin' me what to do?
Let me tell you who rules
Come on this ain’t nothing to rule over this matter brother
You and I we ain’t so different
I guess I had more blessings without it, got belligerent
But I totally understand
Glass was half-full for mine.
And it looked half-empty for me
Maybe that one glass made the path we took
Who knows?

Chasing stars above (So so far)
Overlooks his own path (Dark dark night)
He who knows not and knows not then he knows not
But he could just easily be
Oh, anyone

So lost, in the darkest night
Where’s the love?
When one needs it?
Around and 'round there goes now
Waiting for another falling
Let there be stars to guide him the way
In this hollow night

So numb, he’s become so numb
Weights of life
So exhausted
He will not be who he’s not
So sick of lies over lies but
Can’t tell what is a lie anymore
He’s going so numb

Just let it go
Maze he has made

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