Yen (Symbol: ¥) is a currency used in the series.


Yen (円, En)? is the official currency of Japan. It is the third most traded currency in the foreign exchange market, behind the dollar and the euro.



Yen can be used for buying items and equipment from vendors. In games that feature negotiation mechanics, it's possible to use money to pay enemies and/or demand money from them. In most games, the maximum amount of money that can be carried is ¥9,999,999 and the most common way to obtain yen is by defeating enemies in battle and/or selling materials dropped by them.

In later games of the Persona series, yen are also used to buy Personas from the Compendium and discounts are granted for having registered a certain quantity of Personas. In those games, it's also possible to attend Part Time Jobs to obtain money.

Shin Megami TenseiEdit

Yen is the currency used during the first part of the game. After the events of the Great Cataclysm, Tokyo starts using Macca instead, rendering yen obsolete.

Persona 2 duologyEdit

The Hula of Misfortune spell, which can only be used by certain enemies, will halve the protagonist's money.

Persona 3Edit

In order to start the Devil Social Link, the protagonist must first pay a total of ¥40,000 to President Tanaka.

During Shuffle Time, choosing a coin card will also grant money to the protagonist.

Persona 4Edit

The Confusion / Panic Status Effect gives the inflicted enemy a chance to throw away some of their money and give them to the other team. This is beneficial for the protagonist if an enemy is afflicted. However, if a party member is afflicted with that status effect, they'll be throwing away the protagonist's money instead. In addition, the skill "Pulinpa" has a 40% chance of confusing a foe, but one way it can backfire is by wasting 3% of the protagonist's money.

Persona 5Edit

Yen are necessary to pay train fees to move around Tokyo, and certain activities require payment to enter each time. Money are involved in some Confidants as well, as the protagonist has to pay ¥100,000 to unlock Chihaya Mifune's Confidant, and ¥5,000 for each call towards Sadayo Kawakami, necessary for boosting her Confidant. On the other hand, by ranking up Munehisa Iwai to Rank 5 and Tae Takemi to Rank 7, the protagonist will earn a discount at their respective shops.

In battle, the Confuse status effect, similar to Persona 4, can be useful when taking on its Mementos Requests. Not only are most of those bosses not immune to being confused, they won't run away from the battle after a certain amount of turns have passed.

The money payout is linked to the Luck stat, as the higher the protagonist's Luck, the more money they can receive from Confused enemies. The same applies for asking for money in negotiation.

Several Confidant abilities also boost the money reward in battle: Chihaya Mifune's Rank 3 Confidant ability allows the protagonist to consult her to double the money reward increased in battle for that day. Additionally, Hifumi Togo's Rank 7 ability also doubles the reward automatically if the group wins a battle after a successful ambush.

In the Velvet Room, once the protagonist maxes out Caroline and Justine's Confidant, they'll be able to pay for them to create Personas of a higher level.

Persona 5 RoyalEdit

In Persona 5 Royal, the money reward can be boosted in Mementos via trading Stamps with Jose in his shop. The increase can go as high as x2 the normal amount.

The skill Money Boost grants the party 15% more money after victory. It can only be obtained by equipping the SEES Armband, available in the Persona 3 Costume DLC.

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