Yamamoto the Steel-Willed from IMAGINE

Yamamoto the Steel-Willed (不動の山本長官, Fudou-no Yamamoto-choukan)? is a non-player character in Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE.



In the absence of Shinjuku Babel's highest authority, Kojima (古島総帥, Kojima-sousui)?, Yamamoto acts as the leader of the Demon Buster organization and is in charge of the revival of Tokyo project. From the central control room of Shinjuku Babel, he gives out missions to Demon Busters in order to keep the peace and work towards establishing a future for humanity. He places much faith, however, in the child Innocent Setsu and often appears blind to his machinations.

After receiving their Demon Buster license, players report to him for most of the main storyline missions.

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