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The Realm of YHVH.

YHVH's Universe (YHVHの宇宙, YHVH no Uchuu)?, also known as Outer Universe, is the final dungeon of Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse.



Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse[]

The final dungeon of the game, where YHVH resides. The enemies here are mostly manifestations made to resemble demons and angels Nanashi and his group have met before which have an A. in their name. These A. beings are incorporeal spirits that serve YHVH, taking on the forms of enemies Nanashi has fought before that YHVH sees through Nanashi's eyes. None of the enemies in this region can ever be talked to for recruitment, trading, and some refuse fundraising. However you may be lucky if you bind some demons and fundraise. Demons in the third Brane onwards give more Macca during fundraise.

The area is incredibly vast, with each Brane split into subsections. Teleporters and special doors take the player across subsections, with some doors requiring certain stats to be at a threshold to open (and shorten the player's journey). Scattered about each floor are several warp devices to shorten return trips as well.

  • When battling any angel bosses (Metatron or Aniel for example), the boss music for the "Wings of Despair" DLC will play.

List of Enemies/Bosses[]

1st Brane[]

2nd Brane[]

3rd/4th Brane[]


First Entering YHVH Space.jpg
First time in YHVH Space
YHVH Space - Door that leads to YHVH.jpg
The entrance to the final boss.
YHVH's Universe eng.jpg

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