Xibalba map IS

Sumaru City as Xibalba

Xibalba (シバルバー, Shibarubaa)? also known as Ameno Torifune (アメノトリフネ*)? is a location in the Persona 2 duology.



Innocent SinEdit

Xibalba is a giant spaceship beneath Sumaru City that comes into existence due to rumors. It is supposedly the ship that was used to bring civilization to Earth from Maia, a star in the constellation Pleiades.

When the five crystal skulls are put into place at Caracol, Xibalba will take off with Sumaru City resting on top of it, and an astrological temple will be created in all but the center of Sumaru City's remaining districts, representing the Grand Cross. Each temple represents one of the elements which maintain the balance of the world, per a kind of mysticism explained to Jun by his "father," making Xibalba a model of the new world.

"Earth is slashed by wind, but cultivates water
Water flows along the earth, but quenches fire
Fire is calmed by water, but creates wind
Wind is born from fire, but levels the earth"
—Temple relief inscription

Xibalba is the final dungeon of the game. Once the party has entered Xibalba's core, contracted demons can start giving rumors for the Legendary Weapons. At the entrance, the Tatsuya is asked what kind of trap is responsible for there being no "welcoming committee" for them; whichever the player selects will be the trap they face upon entering, and the other choice will occur on B3F. When the party reaches B5F, the effect of "rumors" becomes so strong that doors to the Velvet Room and Trish's Spring change into doors to trap rooms when the characters go into them expecting traps, however the traps 'fail' because the characters stop them with their words alone. Also on B5F is a Terminal that teleports the party back to Sevens, allowing the party to return to town to take care of any new or unfinished business, such as doing the rest of the Abandoned Factory and obtaining the Ultimate Weapons.

After Maya Amano is killed, the Oracle of Maia is completed and the whole world is destroyed except for Sumaru City and Xibalba.

Eternal PunishmentEdit

In Eternal Punishment, the spaceship under Sumaru City is known as the Ameno Torifune. It is also brought into existence through rumors. The Ameno Torifune's ascent destroys the Narumi Ward. When Gozen/Kiyotada Sumaru is defeated, the Ameno Torifune and Sumaru City are sucked into a vortex which takes them into the collective unconsciousness.


Innocent SinEdit

Inside Xibalba
  • B1F: Open Sesame x2, Silver Manisha x2
  • B2F: Lu Card x1, Ag Card x1, Physical Guard x3, Magical Guard x3
  • B3F: Vi Incense x1, All Card x1, Dx Incense x1
  • B4F: Brink Tea x1, Vi Incense x1
  • B5F: Muscle Drink x3, Ag Incense x1

Eternal PunishmentEdit

  • B1F: Precious Egg x2
  • B2F: Gem Ring, Dekaja Card x1
  • B3F: Seed of Escape x1
  • B5F: AGI Incense x1, TEC Incense x1
  • B6F: Urdrbrunn, Scarlet Wings


Innocent SinEdit

Inside Xibalba
Enemy Lv HP Arcana Sword Icon IS Ranged2 Icon IS Strike Icon IS ThrownF Icon IS Physical Icon IS Fire Icon IS Water Icon IS Wind Icon IS Earth Icon IS Ice Icon IS Elec Icon IS Nuclear Icon P1 Expel Icon IS Death Icon IS Almighty Icon IS Ailment Icon IS Drop Rare
Sturm Soldat 32 245 Reich - - - - - - - - - - - - Nu St St St Energy Drink -
Vucub-Caquix 45 413 Temper. St Wk St St - - - Nu Wk - - - St St - St Garudyne Card -
Hunab Ku 46 353 World - - - - - - - Wk Nu St St St St St - St Magnadyne Card -
Lucifuge 46 352 Devil Wk Wk Wk Wk Wk Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Magical Guard Attack Mirror Card
Succubus 47 324 Moon Wk Wk Wk Wk Wk St St St St St St St St St St St Open Sesame Thunderbolt Card
Kommandant 47 395 Reich - - - - - - - - - - - - Nu St - St Super Visor -
Pucel 48 367 Hanged - - - - - - - - - - - - Wk Nu - St Bufula Card Frigid Card
Hellsehen 48 330 Reich Wk Wk Wk Wk Wk Wk St St St St St St St St St St Wonder Gear -
Manannan 49 342 Magician - - - - - Wk Rp - - - - - St St - St Revival Bead Aquadyne Card
Yaksa 49 383 Star St St St St St Wk Wk Wk Wk Wk Wk Wk - - Wk - Miracle Egg Tarukaja Card
Seker 50 398 Tower St Wk St - St - - - Wk - - - St Nu - Nu Brink Tea -
Ares 50 426 Chariot - - - - - St Wk - - - - - St St - St Muscle Drink Inferno Card
Metal Zentaur 50 467 Reich St St St St St St St St St St Wk St Nu Nu St Nu Mechanical Goggles -
S.S. 51 400 Reich - - - - - - - - - - - - Nu St - St Super Nambu 100 -
Cerberus 51 431 Fortune - - - - - - - Wk Nu Rp Rp Rp St St - St Agidyne Card Hell Hand
Fafnir 52 454 Strength - - Wk - Wk St St St St St St St St St - St High Jet Knuckle -
Throne 53 419 Judge. - - - - - - - - - - - - Nu Wk - St Bead Agidyne Card


The word "Xibalba" is actually the word for the underworld in Mayan mythology, and roughly translates into "place of fear."


Xibalba Rising 3
Xibalba/Ameno Torifune rising from the ground
Xibalba 5
Xibalba/Ameno Torifune rising with Sumaru City above it.
Xibalba in flight
Hirasaka Xibalba
Xibalba's Hirasaka Distrct
Yumezaki Xibalba
Xibalba's Yumezaki District
Aoba Xibalba
Xibalba's Aoba District
Kounan Xibalba
Xibalba's Kounan Distrct

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