"Welcome to the World of Pride... You thought you could escape from the Expanse by using your own strength and thus came here... To think there are no things one cannot do by themselves is the epitome of pride. Realize your powerlessness..."

The World of Pride (傲慢界, Gōman-kai)? is a location in Shin Megami Tensei: if....



The first of the five worlds visited in the Expanse. It is a fairly straightforward dungeon with six floors. One citizen will present the female protagonist with equipment when visited during a 1/8 moon in five locations of the dungeon.

The healing fountain is located on B1F, near the entrance. There are no encounters on 1F and it also contains items and equipment shops, a fortune-teller, a Cathedral of Shadows and a Code Breaker machine.

Upon defeating Vine on the last floor, the player receives the Ring of Fasting, unlocking the portal to the World of Gluttony.


Name Type Attack Hit Strikes Sex Price
Beretta 92FGun22151Bothћ400
Desert EagleGun35101Bothћ1,000
Gonz PistolGun25213-6Bothћ4,000
Normal RoundsAmmo2 - -Bothћ2

Name Type Defense Evade Resist Sex Price
Fritz HelmHelm60 -Bothћ280
Nape GuardHelm81 -Bothћ320
High Leg ArmorArmor138 -Femaleћ800
Kaiser ArmorArmor177ForceBothћ1,200
Rivet KnuckleArm51 -Bothћ500
Jamming ArmArm63PsycheMaleћ1,200
LeggerslamLeg52 -Maleћ500
Titanium BootsLeg100 -Bothћ1,200

Item Effect Price
Mazio StoneCasts Mazioћ180
Mabufu StoneCasts Mabufuћ170
Maragi StoneCasts Maragiћ150
MedicineRestores some of one ally's HPћ40
Dis-ParaCures the Paralyzed status for one allyћ300
Dis-PoisonCures Poison from one allyћ150
Revival BeadRevives one ally from Death or Dying.ћ300
Balm of LifeRevives one ally from Death or Dying with full HP.ћ4,000
Little Brown JugCures all light abnormal status effects.ћ800
Smoke BallCreates a smoke screen that allows you to escapeћ600


  • B1F - ћ480
  • 1F - Iron Bunny *
  • 2F - High Leg Armor *
  • 3F - Lu Incense, 400 MAG, Battle Yo-Yo, In Incense, Arm Bridge *
  • 4F - Dancing Heels *
  • 5F - St Incense, Amethyst (Mystical Chest), Corseca *

Note: * indicates the item can only be obtained by the female protagonist, during the 1/8 Moon phase.


  • Green boxes indicate bosses.
Zombie DogUndead110 -Rs -Rs -WkRsRs -WkNuRs - -LeggerslamB1F, 2F
PoltergeistSpirit215RsNuRsRsRsRsRs -RsWkNuRs - -Scrying BallB1F, 2F
WillyFairy222RsRsRsRsRs - - - -RsRsRs - -Metal CardB1F, 2F
GhostSpirit328RsNuRsRsRsRsRs -RsWkNuRs - -Bollock KnifeAll floors
PixieFairy332RsRsRsNuRsWkNuRs -WkNuNuNuNuAquamarineB1F, 2F
PretaHaunt430 -Rs -Rs -WkRsRs -WkNuRs - -Metal Card3F-5F
KnockerJirae432RsRsRsNuRsWkNuRs -WkNuNuNuNuNormal Rounds x20B1F, 2F
Zombie BoyUndead440 -Rs -Rs -WkRsRs -WkNuRs - -MedicineAll floors
Chon ChonRaptor526 - - - - -RsRsRsRsNuNuRsRsRsPoison Arrow3F-5F
CyakNight546RsRsRsRsRs - - - -RsRsRs - -Onyx3F-5F
KoboldJirae647 - - - - - - - - -NuRs - - -Battle Hammer3F-5F
Zombie GirlUndead648 -Rs -Rs -WkRsRs -WkNuRs - -TurquoiseAll floors
GoblinFairy867 - - - - - - - - -NuRs - - -Bollock Knife3F-5F
Vine Fallen15165 - - - - - - - - -NuNuRsRsRsHeat Glaive5F

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