The World of Greed (貪欲界, Donyoku-kai)? is a location in Shin Megami Tensei: if....



The last of the five worlds visited in the Expanse, visited only in Yumi and Reiko's routes. It is ruled by Chefei, who lays fifteen treasures chests on the way to her room, and the more treasure the protagonist takes from the chests, the stronger Chefei becomes. Upon defeating Chefei, the Ring of Kindness will be stolen by Otsuki, and the player must defeat him a last time to retrieve it. After obtaining the Ring, the upper floors of Karukozaka High School will be unlocked, where Hazama is waiting.

There are pitfalls on 2F and 3F, geysers on 1F-3F, Fiend-spawning spots and a save terminal on 1F. There's a casino on 3F and a town on B1F. The town contains a healing fountain, a Cathedral of Shadows, item and equipment shops, a fortune teller and a MAG dealer. Otsuki's laboratory is located on 1F.

If the protagonist's Guardian is the Law or Chaos Hero, a treasure chest on 1F will have its contents changed. Some of Chefei's chests will have their contents changed depending on the protagonist's gender.


Kirai CannonGun80383-6Bothћ15,000
Barrett M90Gun200580-1Maleћ20,000
Golden GunGun13146AllBothћ27,000
M134 VulcanGun99585-7Maleћ30,000
Nerve RoundsAmmo14SleepBothћ60
Curse BulletsAmmo15 -Bothћ25
Cop KillerAmmo18 -Bothћ40
Holy BulletsAmmo20 -Bothћ50

Iron FacemaskHelm144 -Male -ћ4,500
Parade HelmHelm146FireMaleIn +1, Lu +1ћ6,000
Daybreak HelmHelm166 -FemaleIn +1ћ6,800
Panzer HelmHelm246AllFemaleIn +2ћ10,000
Tetra JammerArmor2812PsychoBoth -ћ7,200
Parade ArmorArmor3015Elec, ForceMaleVi +1, Lu +1ћ12,000
Daybreak ArmorArmor3510HolyFemaleVi +1ћ18,000
Panzer SuitArmor4614AllFemaleVi +2ћ30,000
Revenge GauntletArm128CurseBoth -ћ5,000
Parade GloveArm1112 -MaleMa +1, Lu +1ћ6,400
Daybreak GauntletArm1314 -FemaleMa +1ћ8,100
Panzer FistArm1812 -FemaleMa +2ћ10,000
Bell Toll GreavesLeg123 -Both -ћ7,500
Parade BootsLeg106 -MaleAg +1, Lu +1ћ10,000
Daybreak GreavesLeg117 -FemaleAg +1ћ12,000
Panzer LegLeg1113 -FemaleAg +2ћ17,000

Mazio StoneCasts Mazioћ180
Mabufu StoneCasts Mabufuћ170
Maragi StoneCasts Maragiћ150
Mazan StoneCasts Mazanћ200
Megidola StoneCasts Megidolaћ1,000
Cursed Wooden HorseKills two enemies [Curse-element]ћ160
Ascension StoneKills two enemies [Expel-element]ћ360
Deadly NeedleKills 3-5 enemies [Curse-element]ћ130
Expel ArrowMedium Almighty damage to all enemiesћ300
Poison ArrowPoisons 1-2 enemiesћ90
MedicineRestores some of one ally's HPћ40
Dis-StoneRestores one ally from Petrified statusћ400
Dis-ParaCures the Paralyzed status for one allyћ300
Dis-PoisonCures Poison from one allyћ150
Dis-CharmCures the Charmed status for one allyћ200
Revival BeadRevives one ally from Death or Dyingћ4,000
Final GuardNulls Expel, Curse, and Energy Drain attacks for one turnћ540
Scrying BallReveals the nearby area on the map until the next New Moonћ300
Little Brown JugCures all light abnormal status effectsћ800
Smoke BombCreates a smoke screen that allows you to escapeћ600
HiranyaRestores one ally's HP and MPћ1,200
Muscle DrinkRestores a lot of HP for one ally; can increase max HPћ400
KintanRevives one ally from Death or Dying with 1/8 Max HPћ2,000
Scapegoat BeadAutomatically revives one ally upon deathћ1,200
AmuletTemporarily nulls Damage Floorsћ500


K Frost CloakArmor7518FireMaleVi +350,000
K Frost CapHelm2511ForceMaleIn +340,000
K Frost MittensArm1718 -MaleMa +330,000
K Frost BootsLeg1515IceMaleAg +320,000
K Frost Rod17787AllMaleSt +3, In +1, Vi +2Ice damage, Freeze10,000
Gōma Cane188100-2MaleSt +3Stone6,000
Sky Piercer91401-3MaleSt +1, In +1, Vi +1, Ag+1Poison4,000
Crescent Moon Sword80252-4MaleSt +1, In +1, Vi +1, Ag+1Poison2,000
Luster CandyIncreases Attack, Defense, Accuracy and Magic for all allies500
React SheetSummons one demon without a COMP or Macca200
Repulse BellPrevents encounters with low-level enemies50
Metal CardPlays one round of Code Breaker10


  • 1F - Vi Incense (trap chest), Ma Incense, Lu Incense, Soma or Tennou Tsurugi or Kurikara's Sword, Chakra Drop, Ag Incense, Diamond (Mystical Chest), Ruby (Mystical Chest), Opal (Mystical Chest)
  • 2F - Silence Bell, Little Brown Jug (trap chest), Dis-Poison (trap chest), ћ2080, Confusion Drum, Ripple Flute, Final Guard
  • 3F - Thunderfang Axe, Headhunter Spoon
  • 3F, Chefei's chests - Life Stone, Hiranya, Bead, Megidola Stone, Rikiōmaru, Chakra Pot, Soma, Balm of Life, Answeller, Charon Staff, Jagd Helm (♂) or Panzer Helm (♀), Panzer Suit (♂) or Jagd Armor (♀), Panzer Fist (♂) or Jagd Glove (♀), Jagd Leg (♂) or Panzer Leg (♀), Spirit Sword
  • 4F - Dis-Charm

Note: If the protagonist's Guardian is the Law Hero, the chest on 1F will contain the Tennou Tsurugi. If it's the Chaos Hero, it'll contain Kurikara's Sword. If it's neither, it'll contain a Soma.


  • Green boxes indicate bosses.
CockatriceDrake24233FireTech, Ice, Elec, Expel, Ailments -Curse -Glamurous Axe
GurrRaptor25141Gun, Ice, ForceSword, Attack, Tech, ExpelRush - -Aquamarine
OgreJaki25273 -CurseExpel - -Aqua Flail
OrthrusBeast26230 -Physical, Gun, Force, CurseExpel - -Garnet
Black OozeFoul26252IceSword, Attack, Gun, Fire, Elec, Force, Expel, CurseAilmentsRush, 50% Tech -Soma
CorpsesUndead26342 -Attack, Tech, Rush, Gun, Elec, Expel, Nerve, MagicalIce -CurseDemon-melting Bead
IncubusNight27204 -Attack, Tech, Rush, Gun, Elec, Expel, Nerve, MagicalIce -CurseGuten Tag
Man EaterHaunt27233Fire, ExpelTech, Gun, Ice, Elec, NerveCurse - -Sapphire
Black WidowWilder30238 -Curse, AilmentsExpel - -Majousen
BaphometFallen30240 -Fire, Ice, Elec, Force, AilmentsExpel, Curse - -Charon Staff
YakaHaunt31120Fire, ExpelTech, Gun, Ice, Elec, NerveCurse - -Headhunter Spoon
SuccubusNight32233 -Attack, Tech, Rush, Gun, Elec, Expel, Nerve, MagicalIce -CurseOpal
ArachneFemme33288 -Curse, AilmentsExpel - -Poison Arrow
RakshasaJaki33391Physical, Gun, ForceFire, Ice, Curse, BindExpel - -Headhunter Spoon
LegionSpirit34327 -Attack, Tech, Rush, Elec, ExpelGun, Ice, NerveCurse -Metal Card
MizuchiSnake34422 -Attack, Tech, Elec, CurseExpel - -Aquamarine
JinnYoma36291 -Tech, Rush, Expel, Curse, Nerve, Magical -50% Fire, Force -Shamshir
PowerDivine36392 -Attack, Tech, Rush, Curse -50% Expel -Answeller
Cailleach BheareFemme37339 -ExpelNerveIce, 50% Curse, Magical, Bind -Caduceus
OtohimeSnake38476 -Curse, AilmentsExpel - -Majousen
TrollFairy38568 -Physical, Gun, Force, CurseExpel - -Longinus
TarrasqueDrake38678 -Tech, Fire, Ice, Elec, Expel, Curse, Nerve, Bind - - -Maragi Stone
DecarabiaFallen39336Physical, Gun -Expel, Curse, Ailments -Fire, Elec, 50% Ice, ForceAmulet
NalagiriVile39493 -Physical, Gun, Expel, Curse, Nerve - - -Luna Blade
VetalaHaunt41299 -Attack, Tech, Rush, Gun, Elec, Expel, Nerve, MagicalIce -CurseScrying Ball
TitanJirae41693NerveSword, Attack, CurseExpel50% Tech, Curse -Plutonium Rounds
CerberusBeast43500IceTech, Expel, Curse, Nerve, Magical - -50% FireRevival Bead
ScyllaWilder43688 -CurseExpel - -Pearl
BerithFallen44558 -Fire, Ice, CurseExpel - -Deathbringer
MishagujiFallen44678 -Sword, Expel, Curse, MagicalAttack, Tech, Rush, Gun, Nerve - -Kintan
VampireNight45441 -Attack, Tech, Rush, Elec, ExpelGun, Ice, Nerve -CurseGarnet
DakiniFemme45515 -Ice, CurseExpel - -Mabufu Stone
Chefei * Wilder20280 -Ice, Elec, Magic, BindExpel, Curse, Nerve - - -
Chefei * 28500 -Ice, Elec, BindExpel, Curse, Nerve, MagicalSword, Rush, 50% Tech - -
Chefei * 361313Fire, ForcePhysical, Ice, Elec, Magical, BindGun, Expel, NerveCurse - -
Chefei * 472020 -Ice, Elec, BindExpel, Curse, Nerve, MagicalPhysical - -
Chefei * 513131TechBindFire, Ice, Force, Expel, Curse, Nerve, MagicalElec, 50% Gun - -
Chefei * 574545 -Ice, ElecExpel, Curse, AilmentsSword, 50% Tech, Rush - -
Chefei * 635959 -Ice, ElecExpel, Curse, AilmentsSword, 50% Tech, Rush - -
Chefei * 706464 -Tech, Rush, Ice, Elec, ForceExpel, Curse, AilmentsSword, Gun - -
Otsuki Modified Teacher651965 -Ice, Elec, Magical, BindExpel, Curse, Nerve - -Cop Killer

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