"Welcome to the World of Gluttony... Man is a greedy creature. Even if he has enough food to satisfy his hunger, he still continues to eat. That sin is hard to be forgiven. The most unforgivable one in your school is being kept here..."

The World of Gluttony (飽食界, Hōshoku-kai)? is a location in Shin Megami Tensei: if....



The second of the five worlds visited in the Expanse. It consists of eight floors. There is an entrance to a casino on B2. There are no encounters on B3, which contains equipment and item shops, a fortune-teller, a healing fountain, and a Cathedral of Shadows.

There are geysers on B1, B2, and B6. There are Fiend-spawning spots on B1, B2 and B4. Otsuki has a laboratory on B7, where he is modifying his body to extract revenge on the protagonist after his previous defeat. After being defeated, he drops the Micro Plasma.

The player must reach B8 and hide themselves in Orcus' food by shrinking using Otsuki's Micro Plasma, allowing them to enter his body and defeat the Parasite living there. After defeating Parasite, the player will receive the Ring of Diligence, unlocking the portal to the World of Sloth.


Desert EagleGun35101Bothћ1,000
Gonz PistolGun25213-6Bothћ4,000
Gyro JetGun75201Maleћ8,000
Normal RoundsAmmo2 -Bothћ2
Poison RoundsAmmo5PoisonBothћ30
Shot ShellsAmmo8 -Bothћ10
Randy ShotAmmo10CharmBothћ45

Metal TurbanHelm55PhysicalMaleћ600
Iron BunnyHelm102IceFemaleћ1,000
Frog HelmHelm113ElecMaleћ1,400
Sun Armor ArmorArmor216Drain FireBothћ2,700
Lion HappiArmor265Fire/IceBothћ3,300
Rear ArmorArmor267PhysicalMaleћ4,200
Arm BridgeArm55 -Femaleћ1,800
Whirlwind GauntletArm93 -Bothћ2,700
Tachiware GauntletArm103 -Maleћ3,800
Dancing HeelsLeg110 -Femaleћ2,500
AerojetLeg84 -Maleћ3,300
Crescent Moon GreavesLeg67 -Bothћ4,200

Mazio StoneCasts Mazioћ180
Mabufu StoneCasts Mabufuћ170
Maragi StoneCasts Maragiћ150
MedicineRestores some of one ally's HPћ40
Dis-ParaCures the Paralyzed status for one allyћ300
Dis-PoisonCures Poison from one allyћ150


Amigo PonchoArmor96AllMaleLu +110,000
Bingo HatHelm115AllBothLu +15,000
Star GloveArm32Drain ElecBothLu +12,500
Happy SandalsLeg36 -BothLu +11,000

K Frost CloakArmor7518FireMaleVi +350,000
K Frost CapHelm2511ForceMaleIn +340,000
K Frost MittensArm1718 -MaleMa +330,000
K Frost BootsLeg1515IceMaleAg +320,000
K Frost Rod17787AllMaleSt +3, In +1, Vi +2Ice damage, Freeze10,000
Gōma Cane188100-2MaleSt +3Stone6,000
Sky Piercer91401-3MaleSt +1, In +1, Vi +1, Ag+1Poison4,000
Crescent Moon Sword80252-4MaleSt +1, In +1, Vi +1, Ag+1Poison2,000
Luster CandyIncreases Attack, Defense, Accuracy and Magic for all allies500
React SheetSummons one demon without a COMP or Macca200
Repulse BellPrevents encounters with low-level enemies50
Metal CardPlays one round of Code Breaker10


  • B1 - Metal Card, Vi Incense, Aquamarine (Mystical Chest)
  • B2 - Lu Incense, Megidola Stone, Ma Incense
  • B3 - Amethyst (Mystical Chest)
  • B4 - Medicine, Dis-Para, ћ1920, Dis-Poison, Balm of Life, Onyx (Mystical Chest)
  • B6 - In Incense, Core Shield
  • B7 - Bead
  • B8 - Muscle Drink, Emerald (Mystical Chest)


  • Green boxes indicate bosses.

PretaHaunt430 -Rs -Rs -WkRsRs -WkNuRs - -Metal CardB1F-B2F
KnockerJirae432RsRsRsNuRsWkNuRs -WkNuNuNuNuNormal Rounds x20B1F-B2F
Zombie BoyUndead440 -Rs -Rs -WkRsRs -WkNuRs - -MedicineB4F-B5F, B7F-B8F
Chon ChonRaptor526 - - - - -RsRsRsRsNuNuRsRsRsPoison ArrowB1F-B2F
GremlinJaki533 - - - - - - -Dr -Rs - - - -SlicerB1F-B2F
KoboldJirae647 - - - - - - - - -NuRs - - -Battle HammerB1F-B2F
Zombie GirlUndead648 -Rs -Rs -WkRsRs -WkNuRs - -TurquoiseB4F-B8F
UkobachFallen757 -Rs - - -DrWk - -Rs -Rs - -Bollock KnifeAll floors
HanakoSpirit765RsNuRsRsRsRsRs -RsWkNuRs - -HiranyaB1F-B2F
FuxiRaptor866 - - - - - - - - -NuRs - - -Dis-ParaB4F-B5F, B7F-B8F
GoblinFairy867 - - - - - - - - -NuRs - - -Bollock KnifeB4F-B8F
IhikaBrute889 - - -RsRsWkWkWk -Nu -NuRsNuDis-PoisonB4F-B5F, B7F-B8F
BennuFlight943RsWkRsRsNu -Wk -WkRs - - - -AmethystB6F
Holy GhostDivine944 -Rs - - -RsRsRsRsNuWkRsRs -Cursed Wooden HorseB5F-B8F
Zombie TeacherUndead978 -Rs -Rs -WkRsRs -WkNuRs - -Metal CardB5F-B8F
OrcJaki981 - - - - - - - - -NuRs - - -Guillotine AxeB1F-B2F
Cait SithBeast1160 - - - - - - - - -NuRs - - -CorsecaB6F-B7F
BicornWilder1473 - - - - - - - - -NuRs - - -Shadow NeedleB6F-B7F
Otsuki Modified Teacher18180 - - - - -RsRsRsRsNuNuNuNuNuMicro PlasmaB7F

PretaHaunt430 -Rs -Rs -WkRsRs -WkNuRs - -Metal Card
FukuchuukaWood755 - - -RsRsWkWkWk -Nu -NuRsNuDis-Poison
SlimeFoul864 - - -RsRsWkWkWk -Nu -NuRsNuDis-Para
Stomach BugDrake1681 - - -RsRsWkWkWk -Nu -NuRsNuKintan
Parasite Vermin20150 - - - - -WkWkWkWkNuNuNuNuNuLuck Incense

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