"You've got me quite entertained... It's beautiful to see two friends helping each other... but I'll show you how brittle and fleeting the bonds between humans are..."

The World of Envy (嫉妬界, Shitto-kai)? is a location in Shin Megami Tensei: if....



The fourth of the five worlds visited in the Expanse. It can only be visited in Yumi or Reiko's routes. At the entrance of the dungeon, a handsome young man will seduce Yumi or Reiko, making them leave the party. On the last floor, the protagonist will find Yumi or Reiko, who are still under the effect on the young man's spell. They set a Lilith against the protagonist (later revealed to be the personification of their feelings of envy), which breaks the young man's spell when defeated. Yumi or Reiko will return to the party and the protagonist will gain the Ring of Charity, which unlocks the portal to the World of Greed. On their way back to the entrance, the protagonist runs into and fights Otsuki for a third time.

There are geysers on 1F-3F and 6F, many pitfalls on 2F and one on 6F, a save point on 1F, Fiend-spawning spots on 5F and 6F, and a healing fountain on 4F. A second healing fountain is located in a town on 2F. The town also has item and equipment shops, a fortune teller, a Cathedral of Shadows and a MAG dealer. One of the town inhabitants will give the Musou Masamune to the protagonist if Yumi or Reiko is with them, but that won't happen if the protagonist enters his room alone. Outside of the town, the protagonist cannot use the COMP on 2F and 3F.

The Hinokagutsuchi is located on 4F, but it can only be obtained if the protagonist has either no Guardian or one of their three strongest Guardians (e.g a male protagonist with speed stats can only obtain the sword by having either no Guardian or if his Guardian is Astaroth, Odin, or Shiva). If the protagonist's Guardian is the Law Hero or the Chaos Hero, four chests located on 1F, 3F and 6F will have their contents changed.


Gyro JetGun75201Maleћ8,500
M16 RifleGun46292-4Bothћ12,000
M249 MinimiGun60404-6Bothћ11,000
Kirai CannonGun80383-6Bothћ15,000
Shot ShellsAmmo8 -ћ10
Randy ShotAmmo10Charmћ45
Nerve RoundsAmmo14Sleepћ60
Curse BulletsAmmo15 -ћ25
Cop KillerAmmo18 -ћ40

Frog HelmHelm113ElecMale -ћ280
Dolphin HelmHelm123Reflects PsychoBoth -ћ320
Iron FacemaskHelm144 -Male -ћ4,500
Daybreak HelmHelm166 -FemaleIn +1ћ6,800
Palace ArmorArmor267PhysicalMale -ћ4,200
Skull KeikogiArmor2513Reflects PhysicalMale -ћ5,800
Tetra JammerArmor2812Reflects PsychoBoth -ћ7,200
Daybreak ArmorArmor3510HolyFemaleVi +1ћ18,000
Tachiwari GauntletArm103 -Male -ћ3,800
Rikiou GauntletArm131ForceMale -ћ4,100
Revenge GauntletArm128CurseBoth -ћ5,000
Daybreak GauntletArm1314 -FemaleMa +1ћ8,100
Crescent Moon GreavesLeg67 -Both -ћ4,200
Climbing ShoesLeg104 -Male -ћ6,200
Bell Toll GreavesLeg123 -Both -ћ7,500
Daybreak GreavesLeg117 -FemaleAg +1ћ12,000

Item Effect Price
Mazio StoneCasts Mazioћ180
Mabufu StoneCasts Mabufuћ170
Maragi StoneCasts Maragiћ150
Mazan StoneCasts Mazanћ200
Megidola StoneCasts Megidolaћ1,000
Cursed Wooden HorseKills two enemies [Curse-element]ћ160
Ascension StoneKills two enemies [Expel-element]ћ360
Dis-ParaCures Paralysis from one allyћ300
Dis-PoisonCures Poison from one allyћ150
Scrying BallReveals the nearby area on the map until the next new moonћ300


  • 1F - Scrying Ball, Kintan, Soma or Jesus Helm or Tenma Helm, ћ3040, Lu Incense, Soma or Jesus Armor or Tenma Armor, Onyx *, Garnet *, Topaz *
  • 2F - Repulse Bell, 1040 MAG, St Incense, Rocket Hammer, Scrying Ball
  • 3F - Soma or Jesus Glove or Tenma Gauntlet
  • 4F - Hinokagutsuchi
  • 5F - In Incense, Hiranya, Sapphire *, Turquoise *
  • 6F - Soma or Jesus Legs or Tenma Greaves, Ring of Charity

Note: * indicates items found in Mystical Chests. If the protagonist's Guardian is the Law or Chaos Heroes, they'll collect the Jesus or Tenma equipment set, otherwise those chests will contain Somas.


  • Green boxes indicate bosses.
Kuchisake-OnnaSpirit1384 -Rs -Rs -WkRsRs -WkNuRs - -Triple Dagger1F
HagFemme15101 - - - - - -Rs - -NuRs - - -Harakiri Saber1F
Chris the CarFoul16168RsRsRsNuRsWkNuRs -WkNuNuNuNuCursed Gear1F
FuriaeRaptor1792RsWkRsRsNu -Wk -WkNu - - - -Athame Knife1F
GhouletteHaunt17130 -Rs -Rs -WkRsRs -WkNuRs - -Onyx1F
OcypeteFlight1882RsWkRsRsNu -Wk -Wk - - - - -TopazAll Floors
MandrakeWood18111 - - -RsRsWkWkWk -Nu -NuRsNuCypress Sword2F-3F
DwarfJirae18155RsRsRs - - - - -RsNu - - - -Vacuum Axe1F
ApsarasYoma1980 - - - - - - - - -NuRs - - -Backsword2F-3F
NightmareNight1997RsRsRsRsRs - - - -RsRsRs - -Dis-Charm1F
BuerFallen21134 - - - - - - - - -NuStStStStHiranya2F-3F
Yomotsu-ShikomeFemme21147 - - - - - -Rs - -NuRs - - -Dis-Poison2F-3F
CelaenoFlight22114RsWkRsRsNu -Wk -WkRs - - - -Onyx2F-6F
LilimNight22125RsRsRsRsRs - - - -RsRsRs - -Guren Whip2F-3F
BansheeFairy23128 - - - - -RsRsRsRsNuNuRsRsRsLightning Whip4F-6F
HannyaBrute24204 - - -Rs -WkRs - -RsRpRsRsRsCrimson Nagamaki4F-6F
ArchangelDivine24213 - -RsRsRs - - - -RpRs - - -Plasma Sword4F-6F
AlrauneWood28168RsRsRsRsRs - - - -RsRsRs - -Ruby4F-6F
AelloFlight28205RsWkRsRsNu -WkWk -Rs - - - -Garnet2F-6F
LamiaFemme29263 - - - - - - - - -NuRsRsRsRsThousand Needles4F-6F
Lilith Night52888RsRs -Rs - -RpRp -NuNuNuNuNuRing of Charity6F
Otsuki Modified Teacher46777 - - - - - - -RsRsNuNuNuRsRsNerve Rounds x20Varies

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