P3P - Wiping All Out

P3P - Wiping All Out

Wiping All Out.

"Wiping All Out" is the female protagonist's battle theme from Persona 3 Portable. Composed by Shoji Meguro, its lyrics are written by Lotus Juice. The song is the fifth track in the Persona 3 Portable Original Soundtrack. It also features as the female mirror-match theme for all Persona 3 characters, excluding Aigis, in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.

A live version was sung by Mitsuru Kirijo for the Persona 3 stageplay.


Been a little while but I'm still battling
Moving fast while you's just prattling
No time for me
No tangling
Hit you in the spot with no angle and

I'm not a princess
(A lot of anger in it)
Not a cutie girlfriend, oh no
don't you know?

Flashy rhymes coated with spangles
Add some sounds in it times wangles
Three dots connect to rectangles
Just like music sounds connect to rambles

You cannot run away
(Hell nah no man can run away)
From me I stay in your head as
one big threat!

It's demolition
Wiping all out
(Wipe out)
I won't go
(Yeah, yeah)
Until it's over
(Once again)

It's coalition
Pieces of wreckage
Come to me
and let it be one

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