Windbane Lexy is a Shadow in Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth.



Windbane Lexy appears in the 2nd Ave and 3rd Ave of the first Theater, Kamoshidaman. It is a rare Shadow that will increase yields from random battles but offers no EXP by itself. If left alive long enough, Windbane Lexy will flee the battle. Striking Windbane Lexy with a Wind skill will cause it to retaliate with Holy Wrath, which inflicts damage on one row as well as inflicting Strength, Magic and Agility binds on the affected party members. This counterattack will occur even if Windbane Lexy is afflicted by a Magic Bind.


Level HP Attack Defense
Strength --
Magic --
Endurance --
Agility --
Luck --
? 20 ??? ???
Exp Drop 1 Drop 2 Drop 3
? Blank Card - -
Phys Fire Ice Elec Wind Psy Nuke Bless Curse Alm
- - - Weak Strong - - - - -
Sleep Confuse Poison Hex Paralysis S-Bind M-Bind A-Bind Down KO
- - - - - - - - - -
List of Skills
Skill Effect
Garu Light Wind attack. (1 enemy)
Holy Wrath Almighty attack which also inflicts Magic/Strength/Agility Bind. (1 Row)
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