Wind Icon IS Wind (風, kaze)? or (疾風, shippū)? is one of the elemental affinities in the series, and many recurring spells carry the Wind element.

General SpellsEdit

Wind spells and the "Garu" line originated in Megami Ibunroku Persona and are used in several subsequent series.

Name Japanese/Romaji Power Target
Garu ガル
Light 1 enemy
Magaru マハガル
Light All enemies
Garula ガルーラ
Medium 1 enemy
Magarula マハガルーラ
Medium All enemies
Garudyne ガルダイン
Heavy 1 enemy
Magarudyne マハガルダイン
Heavy All enemies

Specific SpellsEdit

Name Power Target
Killer Wind Medium All enemies
Senpu Jin Heavy All enemies
Panta Rhei Severe 1 enemy
Twinkle Nebula Severe All enemies

Game SpecificEdit

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange JourneyEdit

For comparison, Garudyne has 200 power and Magarudyne has 160 power. Shot and spray abilities are found on certain guns and have the added power of the gun.

Name Power Cost Target
Killing Wind Severe (250) 20 1 enemy
Floral Gust Heavy (150), 35% chance of mute 65 All enemies
Garu Gate Extreme, bosses only NA 1 Party Member
Untainted Wind Heavy, Mastema exclusive NA Entire Party
Wind Extreme, Mem Aleph only NA Entire Party
Wind Shot Light (100) 6 1 Enemy
Gust Shot Medium (125) 12 1 Enemy
Storm Shot Heavy (150) 20 1 Enemy
Wind Spray Light (50) 18 All enemies
Gust Spray Medium (75) 36 All enemies
Storm Spray Heavy (100) 60 All enemies

Megami Ibunroku PersonaEdit

Skill Effect Target
Earthly Vortex Medium Area
Heavenly Cyclone Medium Area

Persona 2Edit

Skill Effect Target
Dangerous Garula* Varies One enemy
Killer Wind Medium One enemy
Whirlwind High All enemies

Eternal Punishment ExclusiveEdit

Skill Effect Target
Twinkle Nebula Severe All enemies

Persona 5Edit

Skill Effect Target
Vacuum Wave Severe All enemies


Persona 2: Innocent Sin skill cards
Garu card IS
Garu Card
Garula card IS
Garula Card
Garudyne card IS
Garudyne Card
Magaru card IS
Magaru Card
Magarula card IS
Magarula Card
Gale card IS
Gale Card, which grants Magarudyne
Persona 2: Eternal Punishment skill cards
Garu card EP
Garu Card
Garula card EP
Garula Card
Garudyne card EP
Garudyne Card
Magaru card EP
Maha Garu Card
Magarula card EP
Maha Garula Card
Hurricane card EP
Hurricane Card, which grants Maha Garudyne
Game Icons
Wind Icon P3P
Persona 3 Portable
Wind Icon PQ
Persona Q
Wind Icon P5
Persona 5

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