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The protagonist holding a Red Will Seed of Gluttony.

Will Seeds (イシ, Ishi)? are collectibles introduced in Persona 5 Royal.



Persona 5 Royal[]

A Will Seed in Kamoshida's Palace.

According to Morgana, Will Seeds are coalesced distortions of the Palace Rulers. There are 8 sets of 3 Will Seeds, with 3 seeds in each Palace. Each Seed is distinguished by their color, coming in red, green and blue. When all 3 from a single Palace are collected, they will then combine into a Crystal, a Skill Accessory granting useful perks.

When visiting Jose and his shop in Mementos, he can upgrade the Crystals into a Ring. However, he can only do this if their respective Palace has been destroyed, as it's still tied to its distortions. This applies to New Game Plus as well - aside from the Crystal of Sorrow, if the Crystals of the second to seventh Palaces haven't been converted to Rings in the previous play through, Jose will be unable to upgrade them. Jose will also sell missing will seeds from the prior palace for 400 flowers.

The Blue Will Seeds are always defended by a mid-boss. This mid-boss almost always has very high stats and their attacks are usually way above the party's management level. Some of them also have attacks that they do not have when normally encountered out of this specific encounter. Make sure to disable them with status conditions and hit them with Technical if possible.

Collecting a will seed will restore a slight amount of SP.

List of Will Seeds[]

Sin/Palace Seeds
Red Blue Green
Lust (Kamoshida's Palace) Red Lust Seed Blue Lust Seed Green Lust Seed
Vanity (Madarame's Palace) Red Vanity Seed Blue Vanity Seed Green Vanity Seed
Gluttony (Kaneshiro's Palace) Red Gluttony Seed Blue Gluttony Seed Green Gluttony Seed
Wrath (Futaba's Palace) Red Wrath Seed Blue Wrath Seed Green Wrath Seed
Greed (Okumura's Palace) Red Greed Seed Blue Greed Seed Green Greed Seed
Envy (Niijima's Palace) Red Envy Seed Blue Envy Seed Green Envy Seed
Pride (Shido's Palace) Red Pride Seed Blue Pride Seed Green Pride Seed
Sorrow (Maruki's Palace) Red Sorrow Seed Blue Sorrow Seed Green Sorrow Seed

Skill Accessories[]

Crystal Guardian Skill Effect Cost Obtained In
Crystal of Lust Mara (Slime) Diarama Moderately restore 1 ally's HP. 6 SP Kamoshida's Palace
Crystal of Vanity Arahabaki Brush of Vanity Nullifies wearer's weaknesses. Passive Madarame's Palace
Crystal of Gluttony Cerberus Marakukaja Increase party's Defense for 3 turns. 24 SP Kaneshiro's Palace
Crystal of Wrath Alilat Speed Master Automatic Sukukaja at the start of battle. Passive Futaba's Palace
Crystal of Greed Melchizedek Attack Master Automatic Tarukaja at the start of battle. Passive Okumura's Palace
Crystal of Envy Baal Masukukaja Increase party's Agility for 3 turns. 24 SP Niijima's Palace
Crystal of Pride Kali
Dakini x2
Defense Master Automatic Rakukaja at the start of battle. Passive Shido's Palace
Crystal of Sorrow Fafnir Life Aid Recover 8% HP and SP after victory. Passive Maruki's Palace

Will Ring Skill Active Effect Cost Passive Effect
Ring of Lust Champion's Cup Restores med amount of HP and increases Attack for one ally for 3 turns. 10 SP
Ring of Vanity Bleeding Dry Brush Forms a barrier that can absorb one attack (except Almighty). 22 SP Nullifies wearer's weaknesses. (Brush of Vanity)
Ring of Gluttony Vault Guardian Increases Defense for all allies for 3 turns. 20 SP Automatic Tetrakarn/Makarakarn at the start of battle.
Ring of Wrath Wings of Wisdom Cures all non-special ailments for all allies. 10 SP Automatic Sukukaja at the start of battle. (Speed Master)
Ring of Greed President's Insight Multiply one ally's next magical attack damage by 2.5. 15 SP Automatic Tarukaja at the start of battle. (Attack Master)
Ring of Envy Gambler's Foresight Increases Agility for all allies for 3 turns. 20 SP Automatic Concentrate at the start of battle.
Ring of Pride Tyrant's Will Multiply one ally's next Physical or Gun attack damage by 2.5. 15 SP Automatic Rakukaja at the start of battle. (Defense Master)
Ring of Sorrow Guiding Tendril Down all foes. Only usable during preemptive attack. 40 SP Recover 8% HP and SP after victory. (Life Aid)


  • Will Seeds resemble real-life pods of the Snapdragon plant.
  • An unused scene in the coding of the game has the protagonist attempting to sell a Will Seed to Munehisa Iwai. He rejects it due to its sinister look, and redirects him to the shady item trader in Kichijoji (who never requests to trade Will Seeds).

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