Whisper event (ウィスパーイベント, Wisupāibento) is a mechanic found in Shin Megami Tensei IV and Apocalypse.


Shin Megami Tensei IVEdit

Once a demon has learned the last of its hidden skills during level up, a Whisper event will take place, where they can pass off any of their skills to Flynn, save for Auto Skills and certain specific skills. If he already has a skill from the demon's skillset, it will be strengthened, decreasing the MP cost and increasing the attack damage to a degree. The number of times a skill can stack this way depends on the type of skill. Elemental skills stack to 8 while stat buffing/decreasing skills stack to 3.

Skill type Skill rank
Dia, Diarama, Media, Mediarama Heal+5 Cost-1 Heal+5
The rest of healing, support and buff/debuff skills Cost-1Cost-1 - - - - -
Death's Door Cost-1 - - -
All Almighty draining skills Dmg+1Dmg+3Dmg+5Dmg+5 - - -
The rest of Almighty skills, all Fire, Ice, Elec and Force skills, Stigmata Strike, Deadly Fury and Star Tarantella Cost-1 Dmg+5
The rest of Physical and Gun skills Dmg+7 Dmg+7 Dmg+7
All Light, Dark and ailment skills Hit+5Hit+5 - - -

Shin Megami Tensei IV ApocalypseEdit

Whisper events are still the same in Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse, although this time the maximum rank is 9 for damage skills and 5 for other support skills.

Demons also gain skill affinities which can power up their skills in a manner akin to the protagonist. Demons often have affinities for skills corresponding to their own resistances, and penalties for those corresponding to their weaknesses. Like with skill bonuses, the maximum possible affinity, positive or negative, is 9 for damage skills and 5 for supportive skills.

Skills and costs are now modified by percentages instead of specific numbers.

Skill type Skill rank
Attack Dmg -10%Dmg +10%Cost -10%Dmg +10%Cost-10%Dmg +10%
Ailment Affliction -10%Affliction +5%Affliction +5% Affliction +5%
Heal - Cost +10%Heal +15%Heal +15% -
Full Heal Cost -10%


  • When a Whisper Event is triggered, the demon is surrounded by flashing words in several languages, including Hebrew, Sanskrit, Japanese, Arabic, and Greek.
Meaning Japanese Greek (translit.) Hebrew (translit.) Arabic (translit.)
War 戦争 Πόλεμος (Polemos) מלחמה (milkhamá) حرب (Harb)
Truth 真相 ἀλήθεια (aletheia) אמת (emét) حقيقة (Haqiqah)
Curse κατάρα (katara) קללה (qlala)
Makeup 化粧 μακιγιάζ (makigiaz) איפור بنية (Benyah)
Medical 医療 טיפול רפואי (tipúl r'fu'í) الرعاية الطبية (Alre'aya AlTebiya)

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