The Weather Forecast system is an important gameplay element in the Persona series.



Persona 4 Edit

It significantly dictates the activities of the protagonist while he stays in Inaba. The player can check the weather for the whole week through the television in the Dojima Residence, the student on the roof of Yasogami High School, and while meeting with the Investigation Team at Junes Department Store. In Persona 4 Golden, after a certain point, during the protagonist's free time you can tap the screen to bring up an overlay that shows the next two days' weather reports.

Weather ConditionsEdit

As mentioned, several options and activities are dictated by the weather.


Music: "Your Affection", sometimes replaced by ambient cicada chirping in summer.

  • Players can go for soccer/basketball practice.
  • Child care part-time job can be done on this weather.


Music: "Heartbeat, Heartbreak"

  • Players can go for soccer/basketball practice.
  • Child care part-time job can be done on this weather.


  • Player can increase their Knowledge score two times when studying in this weather.
  • The Chinese Diner Aiya in the Central Shopping District sells the Mega Beef Bowl for 3000 Yen. Increases Understanding, Knowledge, Diligence and Courage slightly.
  • The Shiroku Store Capsule Machine can be used.
  • The Shiroku Store also has all items discounted whenever it rains.
  • Bigger, much more challenging fish appear at the Samegawa Flood Plain.
  • Some Shadows in the Midnight Channel only appear during rainy weather.
  • Shadows have a higher chance of dropping rare items.
  • Most Social Links besides Sun and Fortune are unavailable.
  • Reading books in the protagonist's room during rainy weather can provide a slight social stat improvement. This can happen whether the book is completed or not.


Music: "Omen"

  • Seen both after the cutoff date for a rescue mission and towards the end of the game.

Persona 4 Golden Edit

Snow Edit

Music: "Snowflakes"

  • Seen after New Year's Day until Valentines Day.
  • Gardening and bug catching are no longer possible, but the player can dig up bugs in the Dojima garden.

Persona 5Edit

The available weather conditions are clear, rain, snow, and cloudy. Weather influences people's mood and subsequently changes the structure of Mementos. Rain also changes the overworld music and makes most Confidants constantly available but completely disabling others.

Besides these, secondary, special weather can occur. They are labeled as "pollen warning", "heat island" and "guerrilla rainstorm".

Certain passive skills only function in certain weather. These include Ambient Aid and Climate Decorum.

Weather type Effect Dates
Pollen Shadows may be afflicted with Sleep when entering combat.
Rain/Storm Rarer & Treasure shadows have a higher chance of appearing.
Treasure chests have a higher chance of appearing.
Heat wave Shadows may be afflicted with Burn when entering combat.
Flu season Shadows may be afflicted with Despair upon entering combat. 11/13, 11/14, 11/15,
12/8, 12/9

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