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Wakasa Kusu is a character from Persona -trinity soul-.



Wakasu compared to most of the other members, he's fairly easy-going and talkative. However, he is also the most aggressive in taking Personas to strengthen his own.


Persona -trinity soul-[]

Wakasa is the older twin brother of Shiiba Kusu, Wakasa appears later in the series as a member of Marebito. While he appears unconcerned by Mareya Kujou's comatose state, he is one of the first to fall victim to his loss.

Due to the dwindling supply of Persona Suppressors, he can no longer control the Personas he's consumed and loses control in the middle of a city street. His Persona lashes out, consuming multiple people before it is killed by a figure that appears to be Ryo Kanzato.


  • The name Wakasa means "young, immature" (若) (waka) and "cherry blossom" (桜) (sa).
  • Wakasa's surname Kusu means "beautiful black jewel, nine" (玖) (ku) and "bead, pearl, gem, jewel" (珠) (su).


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