The Void (無, Mu) is a term in Devil Survivor 2.


The void is a tool of the Admin system used by the Administrators and Canopus. The Void is used in order to erase the very existence of humanity from the world. Nothing resides within the Void, as it is absolute nothingness. Every fact that humans have ever existed and the very idea of humanity itself, will be utterly erased within it. The disappearance of not matter, but of awareness, of ideals, and the fact that life forms have ever existed will completely disappear like it had never existed to begin with in the world.

Septentrione Arc Edit

The Void started to erode the world since the beginning of the Purge of Polaris in order to restore the natural order of the world that Polaris wishing for. The only thing that able to prevent the spreading of the Void erosion is the towers that JP's use to create barriers with Dragon Stream's power that protecting Japan. The barriers will stay intact as long as the towers in the respective cities that powering the barrier is not destroyed.

On Friday, in order to defeat Mizar, the party decides to give form for the Dragon Stream by removing the stakes at Mt. Fuji that sealing the Dragon Stream. Removing the stakes comes at the cost of the barrier disappear, leading the Void to continue eroding Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka.

The only way for the Void to be stopped is by surviving humans who have defeated the Septentriones for the promised seven days and open the path to Polaris to prove their worth to the latter and has it to grant their wishes to recreate order of the world the way they want.

Triangulum Arc Edit

Similar as the Septentrione Arc, the Void once again is used by the Administrator Arcturus to destroy the world, with the Triangulum Denebola and Spica are sent to destroy the towers that creating the barriers that preventing the Void's erosion. This time, the Void's erosion is faster than the previous one, engulfing the majority of Japan within the first three days. This is worsened when Arcturus shut down to concentrate on the acceleration of the Void's encroachment. Even after Arcturus was defeated, the Void doesn't stop due to Canopus' awakening, continuing the Void's erosion until the party defeats it.

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