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[[Category:Persona 2: Innocent Sin Personae]]
[[Category:Persona 2: Innocent Sin Personae]]
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[[Category:Lovers Arcana]]
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Venus as she appears in Innocent Sin

Venus (ウェヌス, Vīnasu) is a Persona from Persona 2: Innocent Sin.


Known as the goddess of love, beauty and fertility, Venus is one of the principal Roman deities who often appears in countless tales and legends, identified in a parallel way with Aphrodite, her Greek Counterpart. After Saturnus severed Ouranus' genitals, which fell into the sea, a foam arose from them and Venus was born. She is described to posses an immense physical beauty, that Jupiter, as the king of the gods himself, feared that a conflict between many gods would likely happen. So he arranged a marriage between her and Vulcan, the lord of blacksmith. But even as the goddess of love, she has some flaws in her personality, as she is said to embrace vanity, often expressing her jealousy and discontent of her arranged married, resulting in her involvement of having affairs with another men and gods, notably the god of war, Mars. Though her portrayal is sometimes kind, understanding and forgiving. She gave birth to Cupid, the god of love, identified as the Greek god, Eros. Some of the famous myths in which she made an appearance are the tale of Cupid and Psyche, where she plays an antagonistic role and the Trojan War, where she promised Paris to present him the most beautiful mortal, Helen.



Venus can be gained through the story line as the ultimate Persona of Lisa Silverman only if the Pink Argus Mask is successfully collected. Her body appears to be all-covered or composed by foam with ornaments of shells, representing the true origin of the goddess. Any attack connected with the earth, holy and dark elements can now be nullified, but the persona also has a weakness against wind abilities. Venus will also learn some advanced water and earth related spells, recovery abilities and her special attack, Foamy Lover can be chained to form the fusion spell, Grand Cross. She is of the Lovers Arcana.


Persona 2: Innocent Sin



Persona 2: Innocent Sin

Skill Effect Rank
Aquadyne Inflicts a large amount of Water damage to an enemy. Innate
Mediarama Recovers a moderate amount of HP. All allies.
Mahamagnadyne Inflicts a large amount of Earth damage to all enemies. 4
Mahaaquadyne Inflicts a large amount of Water damage to all enemies. 6
Sexy Dance Inflicts the Confuse status to all enemies.
Foamy Lover Inflicts a large amount of damage to all enemies. 8
Makarakarn Reflect magic attacks. 1 ally.
Fusion Spell Effect Setup
Grand Cross Inflicts a large amount of Almighty damage to all enemies. Nova Cyther, Apollo + Bloody Honeymoon, Hades + Foamy Lover, Venus + Cross Fortune, Chronos + Crescent Mirror, Artemis
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