Veil is a character in the Devil Children series.



She is a Griffon and the demon partner of Mirai Kaname.

Devil Children Red BookEdit

Veil was sealed before the story began and is summoned by Mirai to save her from a Ratatoskr that attacks her at the beginning of the game. Veil can barely stand humans and hates being called a toy. Veil hovers over obstacles in the game like ice and moving sand when Mirai rides him. She eventually warms up to humans over time, especially when Mirai saves her younger sister Hippogriff and defeats the demons responsible for sealing them away.

Devil Children White BookEdit

Veil can switch places with Masaki Kuzuha's demon partner after beating the game. She starts at level one and must be returned to Mirai before he can switch demons with another character.


Veil Anime Design
Veil as it appears in the anime.

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