Valhalla DCMR

Valhalla World Map in Devil Children Messiah Riser.

Valhalla (ヴァルハラ, Varuhara)? is a recurring term in the series.



Megami TenseiEdit

The Valhalla Corridor is the third dungeon of the game, reached from the bottom floor of the Tower of Daedalus and connected to the Mazurka Corridor. It can also be accessed from Bien. Its boss is Loki.

Shin Megami Tensei IIEdit

Valhalla is a section of Tokyo Millennium, run by Madam. The hero helped it expand. It is later devoured by Abaddon on Michael's orders.

Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINEEdit

Valhalla is the second Versus mode. When at least six players have joined the queue, a countdown begins before they are transported to the Colosseum area and divided into teams. Unlike the other form of Versus in IMAGINE, this is a direct battle between players and does not take a player's alignment into account when sorting, instead focusing on a player's past Versus performance.

The goal in Valhalla is to be the first team to reach 15 points before the timer runs out. Killing an opposing player gains a team two points. Killing an opposing demon gains a team one point.

Persona 3Edit

Valhalla is Fusion Spell used by combining powers of Valkyrie and Odin, the player becomes invulnerable to any attack, but reduces HP to 1 after 1 turn.

DemiKids Light / DarkEdit

Valhalla is the name of the place to which the main trio from Devil Children: Light & Dark (Anime) travel.

Valhalla is the realm created by Darklord and Lord Light to be a utopia long ago. It is currently ruled by the Imperius Empra and Empio, who rule over the humans and peaceful demons with an iron fist, which led to the creation of the Rebels who oppose the Imperium.

Devil Children Fire/Ice BookEdit

At the beginning of Ice Book Amy Kashihara reveals that Valhalla has been destroyed before the game began, where Angels and Demons suddenly appeared and began armageddon.

Devil Children Messiah RiserEdit

Valhalla is once again under attack by the Imperium and the Devil Children first start their journey here after Amy meets them and tells of what happened.


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