The VR Park is a location in Soul Hackers. It is an attraction of Paradigm X's Theater.



The VR Park is part of Paradigm X's Theater entertainment attractions. It is depicted as a large urban park with a maze of hedges that users of Paradigm X may visit. A key feature is the Omphalos, a tree at the center where visitors could share their wishes.

After the protagonist and Nemissa returned from retrieving a fake ID from the Reticulians, they discovered a note on the Spookies' PC concerning the VR Park with a security code. Realizing Spooky didn't get a chance to tell them because of the ID problem and learning about Six's condition, Hitomi committed the code to memory. At the theater, the code turned out to be a password to enter the locked-down VR Park -- upon entering they learn from the gardener that Omphalos has gone beserk and is becoming dangerously unstable.

Navigating a complex hedge maze, they proceed to the interior of the park where they hear voices of those who made wishes -- many of them reflecting negative emotions and desires. At the heart they find the Omphalos, a bizarre sculpture that began muttering deranged, barely coherent comments and seemingly was feeding on negative human emotions from the wishes. It summoned three Alraunes to attack the party, declaring that it will kill them after six turns and claim their souls. Once they defeated the insane program, Nemissa and Hitomi began to wonder what happened with the VR Park tree. Hitomi mused on how both demons and the Phantom Society are seeking human souls and concluded that it serves as a spiritual energy source, but wondered for what end they are harvesting them.



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