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    So yeah... annoying 'exciting' difference between P4 and P4G since I was paying closer attention to what was being sold just now, and already some of the materials ypu're required to sell to unlock an item for sale at Daidara Metalworks are different.

    In Persona 4, selling 1 Big Incisor will unlock the Lizard Charm and selling 10 will unlock the Vigor Fob acessories. Selling 10 Idea Paper will unlock the Plum Potpourri accessory.

    Just finished selling the materials from Yukiko's Castle 1st floor from the Hableries and Pesce's an instead it came out to be Big Incisor x1 to unlock the Lizard Charm, Big Incisor x6 to unlock the Plum Potpourri, and Idea Paper x1 to unlock the Vigor Fob in P4G.

    So, I don't really know what to do with the List of Per…

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