The truth is unattainable... It will always be shrouded in fog. Though you reach through the murk and grasp something, you have no means to know it is the truth... In which case why...? What sense is there in yearning  for truth? Close your eyes. Lie to yourself. Live in blissful ignorance... It is a smarter way to exist. - Shadow Teddie


An addicted Shin Megami Tensei player.

The first SMT Game I played was actually Jack Bros. for the Virtual Boy, when the Virtual Boy was a product of what "the cool kids had", I was still a kid then.

For some reason whenever I try playing a game like Oblivion or Fallout, within about 2 days I will be playing an SMT game.

Disclaimer Edit

  • If I mess up on any information I will apologize about it.
  • If someone adds any false, untrue, perverted, not relevant to the article I will fix the addition. Like I already have to some twisted additions.

General InformationEdit

I have a name but, I don't share it on the internet.

I am a college student with a lot of time on my hands.

Interest, likes and anything related to the twoEdit

  • I like kittens and fire, but not the two combined.
  • I have what others say is a weird interest, studying the Occult. But I like reading it and what not, I don't actually do any rituals.
  • Drawing and art, but I do not consider myself to be good.
  • Attention, hey if your reading this I am getting attention now!
  • I have a table of contents!

Projects I will work on Edit

  • Adding any needed information on an article.
    • Due to my interest in Occult and mythology I may just insert any needed history or add on to it.
    • Adding spell/skill listings as well as possibly stats.
  • Expanding on articles with very little to no information.
  • Work on Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor information.
    • This game has been in my DS since the day I got it in the mail back in july, I even played it at work since all I had to do was talk on a phone!

Dislikes Edit

  • Kittens on fire
  • The fact that 90% of Deviant Art is all fan made characters for a Sega game that was better when it wasn't introduced to Gamecube. Yes, that game is Sonic, I squeal with joy if Deviant Art would get rid of all of them!
  • The fact Nyx Avatar can kill the players mood after he uses "Night Queen" and charms a character with a full heal spell on the last phase.
  • People who believe the results of a facebook quiz or any quiz in general is actually true.

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