I rip all of the sprites I post onto the wiki except for the Strange Journey portraits, which are ripped by the spriter Ultimecia.

█ To Do List

  • Climax Theater

█ Links for Self Reference

  • SMT Tips - Outdated, formerly curated by me
  • SMT Tips - The newest SMT tips managed by the SMTG; I have no idea how accurate some of these details might be.
  • Sandbox
  • Stock Files

Favorite Demons & Persona

General Lilith Satan Beelzebub
SMT: if... Druj Valkyrie
SMT3:N Clotho Flauros Yaksini Thor Raja Naga White Rider
Decarabia Mot Dionysus
SMT:SJ Doppelganger Lilim Mitra Alraune Attis Hel
DDS2 Meganada
P2IS Aeshma Demeter Valkyrie Kali Ildanach Arianrhod
Demon King Kuchisake-Onna Zaebos S.S.
P2EP Nike Rinok Urd Sif
P3 Hermes Juno Penthesilea Io Thanatos Messiah
P4G Kaguya
DMK:D Berith Windmare
DeSur2 Pallas Athena Vivian Hecate Silky Isis Lugh
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