I'm a fan of the MegaTen games. I'm more of a fan of the Main SMT series but I do appreciate the other series as well.

My favorite game, thus far, has been SMT Nocturne. I have liked the Digital Devil Saga series and Devil Survivor.

The only one I have some dislike for is Persona 4 due to my complaints about some of it's plot.

My alignment, if you care for that sort of thing, is Chaos-Neutral

Favorite demon... Too many to count. Samael, Lucifer, Satan, Black Frost, Metatron, just so many...

Favorite human character: Chiaki Hayasaka/Tachibana of SMT Nocturne. And I mean in all of gaming as far as female characters go. Hito-shura is the player so do I like myself? Sure!

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