Persona 5 (English)


  • "I know it's kinda weird to ask... but having a reward waiting at the finish line will totally push me onward...!"
  • "Welp, ain't no time like the present! Come on, let's go!"
  • "...I don't wanna be talented if it's gonna creep people out."
  • "Youth... The unknown frontier..."
  • "I hate being such a coward... But I think I might be able to face my fears now that I'm a promising-settling Phantom Thief!"
  • "Life doesn't feel the same when you're not with me."
  • "Is this feeling... "love"? I've always heard it's the most intense joy in the world..."
  • "My whole world is expanding. Every day brings new and different discoveries. The direction of Sojiro's cowlick, the atmosphere of Yongen, the various types of coffee beans... Things might be the exact same as they were yesterday, but from my perspective, it's all spinning."
  • "I just hope I can change little by everyone else does."
  • You gave me something really important. You gave me my life back. It's thanks to you that I learned I'm fine just as I am... and that I learned to trust my mom again. I was as good as dead, but you resurrected me."
  • "If I only act for my own's sake, I can't put all my full effort into it anymore. But when I remember my friends... and you... it's like I'm tapping into some kind of unknown power!"
  • "You gave me my life back, so it's my turn to risk my life for you."

Battle Quotes:

  • "Support's on the way!" (Recovering party's HP)
  • "I'll do something about this!" (Recovering party's SP)
  • "Go! Power up!" (Bestowing Matarukaja effect to entire party)
  • "This one! Defense up!" (Bestowing Marakukaja effect to entire party)
  • "Here I go! Speed up!" (Bestowing Masukukaja effect to entire party)
  • "Here come the buffs!" (Bestowing Thermopylae buff effect to entire party)
  • "Super move! Ultra Charge!" (Bestowing Concentrate and Charge to party)
  • "Look out!" (Initiating Final Guard to block an incoming attack)
  • "Nooo!" (Initiating Final Guard to block an incoming attack)
  • "I won't let you!" (Initiating Position Hack at the start of a battle)
  • "Surprise attack: successful! Now just don't lose!" (Entering a battle via Ambush)
  • "Everyone, are you OK? Focus on healing up!" (When 2 or more party members' HP is reduced to below 25% from an enemy skill)
  • "Joker, you missed!?" (Protagonist's attack or Skill misses)
  • "Joker, are you alright!?" (Protagonist's HP is reduced to below 25% from an enemy's skill)
  • "Joker's burning! That's going to keep hurting!" (When protagonist is suffering from Burn)
  • "Joker's been brainwashed! He can't tell friend from foe!" (When protagonist is suffering from Brainwash)
  • "Joker's hungry! He's powered down!" (When protagonist is suffering from Hunger)
  • "Joker got knocked down!" (When protagonist's weakness is exploited or is struck by a critical hit)
  • "No... Hey, wake up! Please!" (Protagonist is incapacitated during Cognitive Wakaba battle)
  • "Joker!? No... Answer me!" (When protagonist is incapacitated)
  • "No... Hey, Joker?! Joker! You have to wake up!" (When protagonist is incapacitated)
  • "Joker, why!? This isn't happening..." (When protagonist is incapacitated)
  • "No, get up! Joker! Jokerrrrrrr!" (When protagonist is incapacitated during a boss battle)
  • "No, Joker... You can't lose to this guy..." (Protagonist is incapacitated during Akechi boss battle)
  • "You're joking, right? We've come so far... Please, get up!" (Protagonist is incapacitated boss battle)
  • "No... You can't die... JOKEEERRR!" (When protagonist is incapacitated during Holy Grail/Yaldabaoth boss battle)
  • "Joker, no! Don't give up!" (When protagonist is incapacitated during Holy Grail/Yaldabaoth boss battle)
  • "Bonafide Monafied!" (When Morgana exploits a enemy weakness)
  • "Mona! AIM!" (When Morgana's attack or Skill misses)
  • "Mona's down! Ooohh, not good!" (When Morgana's weakness is exploited or is struck by a critical hit)
  • "Mona got knocked out! Someone give him some support!" (When Morgana is incapacitated)
  • "Skull, you sure showed me!" (When Ryuji downs an enemy)
  • "Skull fell down! Hang in there!" (When Ryuji's weakness is exploited or is struck by a critical hit)
  • "Skull's out! Someone help him!" (When Ryuji is incapacitated)
  • "Skull, what are you doing!?" (When Ryuji's attack or skill misses)
  • "Panther's on the ground! Are you OK?" (When Ann's weakness is exploited or is struck by a critical hit)
  • "Panther's down! She needs treatment!" (When Ann is incapacitated by an enemy's skill)
  • "And Panther dodges with grace!" (When Ann's evades an enemy's attack)
  • "Queen's on the ground! You can't fail now!" (When Makoto's weakness is exploited or is struck by a critical hit)
  • "Queen's in trouble! It looks bad!" (Makoto's HP is below 25%)
  • "Queen's been taken out! You gotta cover for her!" (When Makoto is incapacitated)
  • "All right, Queen!" (When Makoto's evades an enemy's attack)
  • "Crow, you gotta watch them!" (When Akechi's attack or skill misses)
  • "Crow's down! We need backup here!" (When Akechi is incapacitated by an enemy's skill)
  • "J-Just hold on and push through! We can come back from this!" (When more than one party member is downed by a skill)
  • "We've got casualties! This is bad!" (When more than one party member is incapacitated by a skill)
  • "Whoooaaa... That was awesome!" (When the entire party evades an attack)
  • "Ooh, nice dodge!" (When a party member evades Cognitive Wakaba's attack)
  • "You're dizzy! Your attacks might not connect!" (When a party member is inflicted with Dizzy during his/her turn during Cognitive Wakaba battle)
  • "You need to deal with the despair! It's bad to just ignore it!" (When a party member is inflicted with Despair during protagonist's turn during Cognitive Wakaba battle)
  • "No! Come on, wake up!" (When a party member other than the protagonist is incapacitated by Cognitive Wakaba)
  • "Whoa, this Shadow looks strong!" (Encountering the Reaper)
  • "Everyone's had a shot! Nice combos!" (Performing 3 Baton Passes in succession during protagonist's turn)
  • "All-out Attack!" (Announcing All-Out Attack)
  • "They're done for!" (Announcing All-Out Attack)
  • "Beat 'em up!" (Announcing All-Out Attack)
  • "Time for a beatdown!" (Rush)
  • "OK, I'm looking for a way out!" (Attempting to escape from battle)
  • "Don't rush me! I'm trying to find you an escape route!" (Selecting "Escape" again)
  • "If you're gonna run, now's your chance!" (Party manages to escape from battle)
  • "Oh, it got away... Security's gonna be tight now..." (An enemy flees in a Palace)
  • "Huh? Who're these kids...? Awww... Those little costumes look perfect! They're so cute! Can I take them home with-Wait... What!? Whoa... for real!? These power levels...! Watch out! Those two are... monsters!" (Battling Caroline and Justine at the beginning)
  • "And they're Persona-users too!? Who ARE these girls!?" (After the first turn against Caroline and Justine)

List of Minor CharactersEdit


  • Eiko Takao
    • "It's nice having people treat you like you're special, y'know?"
  • Buchimaru-kun, a panda-shaped merchandise.
  • Makoto's late father, a police officer.
  • Tsukasa, Eiko's boyfriend. A scammer.


  • Takakura-san, The New President of Okumura Foods
    • "I'm going to create a business that is loved by customers and employees alike, just as his cafe was. A place where people can come to drink in the subtle joys of life."
  • Sugimura, Haru's Fiance.


  • Director of Japanese Art Support Foundation, Akiko Kawanabe, the Old Getleman, Madarame's former colleague, an artist.
    • "I suggest you take a more critical eye to your work in the future if you truly want to progress as an artist."
    • "Yes... The heart of a man is painted with desire, even if it's coated entirely in black at times. However, it seems you have the strength to not look away from it, and chose to stand up against it."


  • Mika, Pretty Girl, a model from Ann's model agency.
    • "Chances don't come to those who wait. You have to make your own luck if you want to succeed."
  • Shiho
    • With you putting that much effort in, I couldn't just let my life go to waste in a hospital bed. That's why I wanted to stand again... It was because of you. Being able to change others... That's what true strength is."


  • Nakaoka
  • Takeishi
  • Takeishi's mom
  • Ikeda
  • Mr. Yamauchi
  • Old coach


  • Kana Magario
    • Futaba's junior high friend
  • Kouta and Asami Magario, Kana-chan's parents

  • Lala Escargot:
    • "Oh, don't worry. Just a glimpse into this fresh drama of yours is the only apology I need. It's like a nice spritz of lemon in the air. Makes me think back to when I was just a wee girl..." (To The Protagonist and Makoto Niijima)
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