"Besides the public's reaction to your group, there were others who supported you. ...Someone who enthusiastically cheered the Phantom Thieves on. Perhaps they're quite close... ...What do you have to say to that!?"
Sae Niijima interrogating the Protagonist about Yuuki Mishima.

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This article covers information about the Moon Confidant, Yuki Mishima, Events and Skills featured in Persona 5.

The players can start Mishima's Confidant automatically in May 6th, and can only be progressed after completing his Mementos requests. Throughout the story, Mishima can be found in the Central Shopping District in Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Akihabara.


1Mishima's SupportAllows backup members to earn EXP.
3Mishima's EnthusiasmIncreases EXP earned from battle.
5Mishima's DesperationIncreases EXP earned by backup members.
7PhanboyGreatly increases EXP earned from battle.
10Salvation WishAllows backup members to earn the same EXP as current party members.


Character Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Rain
Day Night Day Night Day Night Day Night Day Night Day Night Day Night Day/Night
Mishima Available every day even rainy days after completing his Mementos requests.

Dialogue OptionsEdit

Confidant's PromptEdit

The player has to complete Yusuke's Confidant prompt to initiate his Rank 1 Confidant.

Rank 1Edit

In the middle of the Confidant event, The protagonist and Yusuke will venture to Mementos and face five Slimes.

Rank 2Edit

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Rank 6Edit

To initiate Yusuke's Rank 6 Confidant, the player needs to reach Rank 4 of Proficiency social stats (Masterful).

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