Mako Ari

aka Makoto(not stating my actual name)

  • I live in United States
  • I was born on January 25
  • My occupation is Otaku-Fanclub Service
  • I am Female

My Name is Mako Ari and I am a big fan of the Persona Franchise, you see, i’m Fascinated in SMT games so you can introduce me to some games as often as you like

My Full Name is Mako Arisato(ありさと・まこ) feel free to chat with me in my Message Wall, and yes, my 2nd Account is Yuki1103 Lol

To do list!

  • Fix false information on this wiki
  • trying not to get my IP address blocked again
  • learn PROPER Japanese
  • NO vandalism
  • listening to more persona ost
  • forget to watch Persona 5 The Animation

こんにちわ!私は 真です!初めまして!(>人<;)

(I can speak a little bit of Japanese but not very good)

Favorite GamesEdit

~and ones I’ve played so far over the years~

Games planning to playEdit

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