To-do ListEdit

  • Input PS1 stats for Innocent Sin demons. (DONE)
  • Finish updating the P2 demon/Persona pages so they're all using restype.
  • Check every single profile in Eternal Punishment PSP for any changes.
  • Keep trying to make Cherub use Hieroglyphein to check the SP cost.
  • Speedrun P1 to verify someone's claim on GameFaqs that beating Pandora prevents you from obtaining Vishnu's Avatar.
  • Replay the NES version of if... to verify a Japanese site's claim that the Megido Fire, Peacemaker, and Brahmastra only need bullets in that version. I already know for a fact that they don't in the PS1 version.
  • Verify if it's true that weapons can rank-up and become stronger in the PS1 remake of if... when used enough times.
  • Finish making individual pages for the SMT4+SMT4A Hordes.
  • Make pages for growth rates in P1 & P2. (DONE)
  • Try to figure out how the hell does Infrared Fusion work in Devil Children.
  • Make/update Devil Children character pages.
  • Translate the Demon Encyclopedia entries in Persona World and add them to the relevant pages.
  • Add info and stuff about the first Raidou game.
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