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** Triggers a normal critical hit, dealing x1.5 normal attack damage and counting toward extra turn and macca bonuses.
** Triggers a normal critical hit, dealing x1.5 normal attack damage and counting toward extra turn and macca bonuses.
* '''Crit Up:'''
* '''Crit Up:'''
** Multiplicative. It does NOT change the critical hit multiplier, but rather applies an extra 1.25x damage bonus to the critical hit damage after it has been increased by the crit modifier. This was determined by comparing crit averages with and without Crit Up; averages with Crit Up were consistently ~25% higher than critical hit averages without it. This means that the resulting final damage bonus comes out to x1.875, with Crit Up adding a total of 37.5% damage compared to the base (normal attack).
** changes the crit multiplier to 2x.
* '''Final Hit:'''
* '''Final Hit:'''
** Can randomly crit
** Can randomly crit

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DeSu2 Record Breaker: Skills and Skill Interactions


When a skill or ability is stated to be "additive" or "multiplicative," what does that mean?

Imagine a character casts a Fire spell. That character is equipped with the passive skill "Fire Amp," which increases Fire spell damage by 1.5x, as well as the auto skill "Magic Yin," which increases all magic damage by 1.5x.

If these bonuses are additive, then, assuming the Fire spell's normal, unmodified damage would be 100, the damage calculation will function as follows:

100 x (1+0.5+0.5) = 200

But, if these skills are multiplicative, then the calculation will instead be:

100 x 1.5 x 1.5 = 225

In the first example, "x1.5 magic damage" really means "+50% of the base damage." Fire Amp conferred +50% (of base damage) fire damage, and Magic Yin granted the same bonus because the spell was Magic. Since the bonuses don't multiply, they are simply added together, to get:

100% (base damage) + 50% (from Fire Amp) + 50% (from Magic Yin) = 200% base damage.

In the second example, however the bonuses are true to the wording of the in-game skill descriptions: in this case, Fire Amp and Magic Yin each apply a 1.5-times multiplier to the base damage, meaning that the game multiplies the base damage by the first bonus, then multiplies the result by the second bonus, to get:

100% (base damage) x 1.5 x 1.5 = 225% base damage.

Because of the distributive property of arithmetic, it does not matter what order the game applies the multipliers--only that it multiplies them. In this example, the difference between the final damage values is only 25. But because this is a percent-multiplier, high base damage values would see a significant increase from multiplicative damage calculation as opposed to additive.

To be Tested:

  • Auto and Passive skill damage bonuses: are they additive or multiplicative? Must be tested case-by-case.
    • Tentative: All damage bonuses tested so far have been multiplicative
    • Is the Deity racial skill active ability damage bonus additive or multiplicative?
      • Tentative: multiplicative
  • Power Charge: how much does it increase damage?
    • Tentative: 2.3x, multiplicative
  • Life Drain: approximately how much does the damage increase, comparing full caster HP to 1 hp?
    • Is Life Drain actually affected by MA? Does Dream Eater work the same way (low mp = more taken)?
  • Elemental weakness and resistance: assumed to be x2 and x0.5 damage, but I'd like to test it anyway.
    • Tentative: appears to be x1.5 and x0.5, respectively
  • Relationship between strength and normal attack damage/magic and magic damage.
  • For magic spell tests, agi/zio/bufu/zan damage averages will be used as a baseline the way normal attack damage is used as a baseline for physical skills.
  • Does Ares Aid increase the crit rate of Final Hit? Does Final Hit receive a guaranteed crit from Full Might? Does it benefit from Health Save?
  • Based on Judgment, Demon Dance, and Final Hit test data, the auto skill "Weaken" apears to confer a smaller actual damage increase than Blitzkrieg or Debilitate. This requires further testing for confirmation.
  • Ailment Spells: success rate, grimoir bonus, whether Grimoi and Grimoir+ stack, whether Grimoire affects Gigajama.


  • Double Strike:
    • The initial ("small") attack deals 25% normal attack damage, while the "medium" attack simply deals normal attack damage. This results in a net 25% normal attack damage increase.
  • Random Critical Hits:
    • Critical hits deal x1.5 (or 150%) of normal attack damage
  • Anger hit:
    • Deals damage approximately equal to a non-critical normal attack, but counts as a critical strike for macca bonuses and extra turn bonuses.
      • Test results indicated that Anger Hit may deal slightly LESS damage than a normal attack, but this may be a fluke.
  • Power Hit:
    • Deals 1.5x (or 150%) of normal attack damage, and can critically strike.
  • Fatal Strike:
    • Deals the same damage as power hit, and can critically strike, but cannot kill an enemy unless the target is at 1 hp.
  • Mow Down:
    • Deals ~66% attack damage to each enemy. The enemy leader receives the normal 50% damage reduction if it has allies, so in that case the leader will actually take ~33% normal attack damage.
  • Assassinate:
    • Deals 1.5x (150%) normal attack damage to NON-LEADER enemies. Against enemy leaders, Assassinate ignores the leader damage reduction and seems to deal an additional ~15% damage.
      • Untested: whether bonus damage is dealt against a leader with no allies.
  • Piercing Hit:
    • Deals normal attack damage, but pierces Phys Resist, Null, and Drain.
  • Hassohappa:
    • Deals damage based on the USER'S %(current HP). When cast from 100% HP, it deals ~110% normal attack damage. Hassohappa deals better damage than Mow Down unless the caster is below ~50% hp, in which case Mow Down will be better on average.
  • Brutal Hit:
    • Appears to have some kind of exponential scaling between damage dealt and the caster's %(current HP). Cast from 100% HP, Brutal Hit deals x1.5 attack damage, equivalent to Power Hit or a normal attack that critically strikes. It quickly drops until about 75% hp, at which point the decrease in damage slows greatly. At around 50% current hp, Brutal Hit begins to deal damage in the upper range of normal attacks, but it will not become weaker than a normal attack until around ~20% hp.
  • Berserk:
    • Deals ~80% of normal attack damage. No decrease in damage was observed with subsequent casts; in other words, if it DOES scale with %(current HP), it has a very small variation.
  • Mighty Hit:
    • Triggers a normal critical hit, dealing x1.5 normal attack damage and counting toward extra turn and macca bonuses.
  • Crit Up:
    • changes the crit multiplier to 2x.
  • Final Hit:
    • Can randomly crit
    • Is affected by Drain hit and Holy Blessing
    • Is affected by Excharge, but NOT Power Charge
    • Will receive a guaranteed crit resulting from Aggravate/Agitate and Might Call.
    • Is affected by Blitzkrieg, Weaken, and Debilitate
    • Is NOT affected by Extra Zero. Cannot be used with magic Yin.
  • Ultimate Hit:
    • Units possessing Ultimate Hit will not receive damage bonuses from Phys Up, Phys Boost, or Phys Amp, and will not receive bonus damage against enemies weak to Physical damage. However, Ultimate hit IS affected by Drain Hit (what about holy blessing?
    • Ultimate hit DOES receive Rage Soul damage bonus.
  • Holy Strike:
    • Same as Ultimate Hit, but I have not tested it with Phys Amp.
  • Judgment:
    • The damage has some variation, and can deal 45-55% of the enemies' current HP.
    • Affected by Power Charge, Excharge, Blitzkrieg, Weaken, Debilitate (untested), and Magic Yin.
    • Can be made to deal 100% current HP against non-resistant enemies simply by stacking a few multiplicative damage buffs.
  • Demon Dance:
    • As with Judgment, damage has a range of variation.
    • Affected by Power Charge, Excharge, Blitzkrieg, and Magic Yin. Weaken and Debilitate untested.
  • Holy Blessing:
    • Appears to restore ~20% max HP upon scoring a critical hit. However, for reasons unknown (likely developer oversight), Holy Blessing is NOT affected by Blood Treaty's active effect, despite the fact that the similar skill Drain Hit IS augmented by the healing bonus.
  • Inferno:
    • Does NOT hit "random foes and allies." Rather, Inferno hits all three enemies and all 3 allies once each for high Fire damage.
  • Death Call:
    • Does not affect Muted targets. DOES affect Stone targets.
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