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This article compiles a list of unused content in Persona 5 Royal. This specifically refers to files in the game's code. For unused content in Persona 5, see Unused Content in Persona 5.


Selling Will Seeds to Iwai[]

An unused scene has the protagonist attempting to sell a Will Seed to Munehisa Iwai. He rejects it due to its sinister look, and redirects him to the shady item trader in Kichijoji, although he never actually makes any offers to get Will Seeds.

Animated Cutscene[]

There is an unused animated cutscene that was presumably meant to be triggered after Akechi turns himself into the police in the protagonist's place (should the protagonist max out Maruki's Confidant). The protagonist notices something strange, with everyone in Shibuya perfectly still as if time is frozen. Just as he notices this, he hears the Jumbotron on the building behind him make sounds followed by a voice which says "I am responsible... for crushing that dream." The protagonist stares at the jumbotron and sees nothing but static and can't make out who was talking before it turns back off by itself. This was possibly meant to be triggered as acknowledgement that the protagonist is on the new reality and that the game isn't over.[1]

Voiced Third Awakenings[]

There are unused dubs for Ryuji, Ann, Makoto, Yusuke, Futaba, Haru, Morgana and Yoshizawa's third awakenings that were meant to be used if the protagonist maxed out their Confidants and is in the third semester. These third awakenings are fully voiced, but some parts of their dialogue is completely different from the versions in the final game.[2]

Ideal Reality Events[]

There are unused dubs for Ryuji, Ann, Makoto, Yusuke, Morgana, Futaba and Haru's ideal reality events that were meant to be used while the protagonist tries to remind the rest of the Phantom Thieves of the original reality from 1/2 to 1/8. These are fully voiced, including the flashbacks, and the dialogue is different from the final game in that some of their dialogue becomes significantly more angry or frustrated with the protagonist when he challenges the idea of their happiness.[3]

Context of Sayuri[]

In Persona 5 Royal, in an unused cutscene, it is revealed that Sayuri is actually the latest revision rather than a finished painting. Madarame remarks that he can't find any flaws with the beautiful painting Yusuke's mother made, however, aware that his praise may have led her to rashly conclude the painting is finished, he advises her to come back later so she can decide whether it can be further improved or is already finished with a clear head. Ultimately, this second and final opinion doesn't happen as she dies from a seizure after the critique.

This information has been omitted from the final game.

Akechi's Fate[]


Unused Akechi Rehab Center Event - Persona 5 Royal

Akechi's unused event

An unused scenario in Persona 5 Royal implies that Akechi was alive after escaping Shido's Palace, via unknown means.

On December 24th, Akechi voluntarily turned himself into a rehabilitation center outside of Tokyo the same time the protagonist was sent to Juvenile Hall by Sae after Yaldabaoth's fall. The employees there knew him well enough to remember that he often brought his mother there to deal with her depression. However, due to Maruki's actualization, he was instead assisting the protagonist to get out of Juvenile Hall during that day, while the actual reality's Akechi was within the rehabilitation center all along, presumably due to the protagonist's subconscious desire to be reunited with the connections he made during his probation and stay in metropolitan Tokyo forever actualized. He will leave the center after a month back to Tokyo (after Maruki's reality was destroyed) for an "unfinished deed," presumably to help the protagonist in overturning his probation.

Akechi's 3rd Awakening[]


Unused Akechi Awakening ENGLISH DUB - Persona 5 Royal

Akechi's unused Third awakening.

There is an unused 3rd awakening scene where the protagonist meets up with Akechi at Jazz Jin instead of a story event. Just like the awakening in the final game, this scene is fully voiced. Akechi remarks that it brings back memories since Akechi did introduce him to the place. Akechi thanks the protagonist for the deal they made in Shido's Palace, where he requested them to change Shido's heart before he succumbs to an uncertain fate. Akechi admits that he's wanted to crush Shido for so long but he never got the chance to exact his revenge, also pointing out that it wasn't a favor, it was the opposite. Akechi remarks that this isn't the reaction he would usually have but it's how he really feels and there's nothing he can do about it.

Akechi compares Maruki to Shido, while he may be distorting reality to grant the wishes of others, he is still on the path to obtaining his own wish. Akechi refuses to accept this reality and wants to win against Maruki (just like in the dialogue used in the final game). After that, Akechi's Persona evolves into Hereward. Akechi then asks the protagonist if he still has his glove, indicating that the protagonist and Akechi's rivalry isn't over. This scene seems to take place much earlier on, most likely to allow the use of Akechi's third tier Persona for the entire Palace instead of on the last day, when they face Maruki.

Kamoshida's Past[]


Unused Kamoshida Memories - Persona 5 Royal

Kamoshida's cut scenarios

Three cut scenarios in Royal about Kamoshida are present in the game's coding. They appear to be shown in his Will Seed rooms and are near complete, aside from Kamoshida's portraits being static.

The first one reveals that Kamoshida was a famous volleyball athlete when he was young, where he was the leader of the National Volleyball Team and was interviewed on TV. He donated lots of money to his former high school and won multiple olympic medals. The TV interviewer asks Kamoshida how he felt about his latest victory, to which he just responds that he likes that feeling. She then asked if he was nervous from being put into such an expectation. Kamoshida answered that he didn't feel nervous, but he was clearly so because he isn't used to seeing that many people around him. The interviewer tells him that acting himself should be easy and introduces him to a fan.

The second one occurred when Kamoshida was involved in a sexual harassment scandal with a TV anchor. He begs the interviewer for forgiveness, and his company's manager tells him that they will have solutions for his predicament.

The third and final one has Kamoshida meeting his company's manager in an Izakaya. He tells Kamoshida that in order to protect his sponsor's reputation, they will cover up all of his scandals no matter what and tells him to go on and play an image. Motivated by how his acts will be covered up no matter what, this ignited the desire of him enrolling into Shujin as volleyball coach so he could do anything he wanted to do, driven by a sheer sense of untouchability.

Madarame's Past[]


Unused Madarame Memories (Yusuke's Mom Death Scene) - P5R

Cut scenarios depicting Madarame's distortion.

There are three cut scenarios of Madarame in Royal's code. They reveal that Madarame's real given name is "Ichitaro Madarame" and "Ichiryusai Madarame" was only a pen name.

When he was still a teenager and was an art student, Madarame had an argument with his art teacher, who wanted him to be capable of making money. He was still a humble young man back then, and he wanted to become famous using his talent alone. He also didn't hold wealth in high regard. Unfortunately, his teacher chided him that he was not talented enough to become famous, but he rebuked him that he is way more diligent and talented than any of his disciples. His teacher then showed him a painting that was drawn by a man of his age, and told him that he may find many ways to make himself famous otherwise. Madarame instead assured him that he will reach the top of the art world using his strength.

As he grew much older, he became poor and debt-ridden, and Kawanabe had to buy food for him. However, when Kawanabe asks him if he needs a fridge, he refuses and Kawanabe discourages him, telling him that the "pure beauty" he is aspiring for may not apply. He then tells Kawanabe that he was a middle-aged man now and he's still a painter while other people around his age had families and a job already. He assures Kawanabe that he will not give up trying to reach the top of the art world using only his talent.

When he was finally an old man, he provided tutelage to aspiring artists to pay off the debt. After a critique of a Sayuri revision, Yusuke's mother had a seizure, and Madarame's thoughts were preoccupied with a man who wanted the painting in exchange for Madarame's debt. At this point, his distortion has awakened. Worried her talent may surpass his, and with his thoughts completely preoccupied with the offer, he forgets to give her medicine in time, accidentally causing her death. Following her death, the prospective buyer tells Madarame he's still interested in Sayuri, and he reacts to this news with a pained smile.

The cut scenes were intended to be a feature in Madarame's Palace played inside his Will Seed rooms. Madarame also uses stock character models for his younger selves instead of his own models, and some models were not properly rigged. Madarame also does not use any portraits other than his default in any of them.

Voiced Maruki Counseling Sessions[]

There are unused voiced scenes that were meant to be triggered during the counseling sessions with Ann, Ryuji, Makoto, Haru, Futaba and Morgana. They are all fully voiced and the dialogues are different from the ones in the final game. There is no version for Yusuke.

Valentine's Day and White Day in Bad Ending[]

An alternate Valentine's Day Harem and Harem White Day event can be found in the game's coding. In both of these events, all of the girls unanimously pronounce their love for the protagonist despite his clear infidelity. This event was located in the same folder where events from the third term alternate ending were stored, indicating that it was meant to be a part of the ending where the protagonist accepts Maruki's reality.


Name Effect Description
Moonlight Phones Mana Rise* A set of cool headphones.
Fire Breaker Bell Fire Break A bell that breaks fire barriers.
Ice Breaker Bell Ice Break A bell that breaks ice barriers.
Elec Breaker Bell Elec Break A bell that breaks electric barriers.
Wind Breaker Bell Wind Break A bell that breaks wind barriers.
Psy Breaker Bell Nuke Break A bell that breaks psychokinetic barriers.
Nuke Breaker Bell Nuke Break A bell that breaks nuclear barriers.
Anti-Fire Choker Fire Wall A choker that shields one from fire.
Anti-Ice Choker Ice Wall A choker that shields one from the cold.
Anti-Elec Choker Elec Wall A choker that shields one from electricity.
Anti-Wind Choker Wind Wall A choker that shields one from the wind.
Anti-Psy Choker Nuke Wall A choker that shields one from nuclear attacks.
Anti-Nuke Choker Nuke Wall A choker that shields one from psychokinesis.
Phys Mirror Charm Tetrakarn A charm with the power to reflect physical attacks.
Magic Mirror Charm Makarakarn A charm with the power to reflect magic attacks.
Ayamur Belt Ayamur -
Hassou Tobi Belt Hassou Tobi
Astral Crown Morning Star A crown with the power of the stars.
Black Viper Crown Black Viper A crown owned by one in need of justice.
Crown of Death Die For Me! -
Spinning Crown Samsara
Fire Augite -
Ice Augite
Elec Augite
Nuclear Augite
Psy Augite
Skeleton Augite
Cross Augite
Healing Augite
Ultimate Augite
Apotropaic Hairpin Evade Curse A red hairpin that avoids curse attacks.
Curseproof Choker Dodge Curse A red hairpin that avoids curse attacks.


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