Unknown Power (潜在能力, Senzai Nōryoku)? is a feature in the Persona series.



Megami Ibunroku PersonaEdit

"Secret power!"
—An Unknown Power activating in Revelations: Persona

By fusing specific Orders under certain Moon Phases, a Persona may acquire an Unknown Power that can be activated to aid its host at low health (except for Revival). However, the active Persona must be at least at Rank 6 and have Best affinity with the user. There are four types of Unknown Power: Recovery, Nullification, Revival and Attack.

Activation ChancesEdit

HP must be equal or lower than the percentage specified.

Remaining HP Activation Chance
Recovery Power
6.25% 25%
Nullification Power
Attack Power

Recovery PowerEdit

The Persona will heal a certain amount of HP and/or SP and may even heal its host from ailments.

Moon Phase Second Demon's Order Effect
HALF Night, Yoma, Fairy Recovers 50% HP
3/8 Haunt, Spirit, Grave, Foul Recovers 50% SP
FULL Night, Yoma, Fairy, Divine, Fallen Recovers 50% HP and SP
1/8 Divine, Fallen, Foul
FULL Snake, Flight, Beast, Femme, Brute, Jirae Recovers full HP and ailments
3/8 Femme, Brute, Jirae, Jaki
1/8 Night, Yoma, Fairy
3/8 Beast, Wilder Recovers full SP and ailments
2/8 Haunt, Spirit, Grave, Foul
FULL Drake, Raptor, Wilder, Jaki, Haunt, Spirit, Grave, Foul Recovers full HP, SP and ailments

Nullification PowerEdit

The Persona will protect its host from one type of attack. For a list of which attacks are classified as spells and as magic check the List of Megami Ibunroku Persona Skills page.

Moon Phase Second Demon's Order Effect
7/8 Night, Yoma, Fairy Nullifies melee
6/8 Snake, Drake
7/8 Angel, Fallen Nullifies spells
5/8 Flight, Raptor
7/8 Snake, Drake Nullifies physical skills
HALF Femme, Brute, Jirae, Jaki
NEW Night, Yoma, Fairy, Divine, Fallen
6/8 Flight, Raptor Nullifies magic
5/8 Beast, Wilder
HALF Wilder Nullifies any attack
NEW Snake, Flight, Beast, Femme, Brute, Jirae

Revival PowerEdit

A Persona with this power will revive its host with full HP and SP. After reviving the character, the Persona returns to Rank 1, losing all of its learned skills and can't rank up in the same fight it used the Revival Power, which can be detrimental if triggered during a boss fight. However, the Persona does not lose the stats it had before and as it ranks up, those stats can rise even more until they're eventually maxed.

Personas have different growth rates and some of them only increase certain stats, such as Cu Chulainn who only increases his Strength and Magic Attack. By abusing the revival power on the Personas who increase all of their stats, one can eventually created a Persona with maxed stats.

The revival power has a 25% chance of activating and can't be triggered if the character is killed by a reflected attack.

Moon Second Demon's Order
NewDrake, Raptor, Wilder, Jaki, Haunt, Spirit, Grave, Foul

Attack PowerEdit

Inflicts 999 damage to all enemies. This power differs from the others as it is specific to certain Personas. Those Personas gain the Attack Power automatically when fused and cannot gain other Powers even if the conditions of its fusion allows it. Those Personas are: Durga, Susano-o, Hokuto Seikun, Bishamonten, Lucifer, Satan and Illuyanka.

Persona 2: Eternal PunishmentEdit

Unknown Powers are special skills that are unlocked once the Persona gets a Mutation saying that an "Unknown ability [has been] awakened". Once this occurs, when the Persona-user's HP goes below 1/8th, takes over 3/4 of their health in damage, or dies, the unknown power will be activated. The effect will also differ depending on the affinity between the Persona and its user. Every Persona has a different kind of Unknown Power out of 6 different kinds, and cannot be changed.

Types of Unknown PowersEdit

Type Activation Great Affinity Good Affinity Additional Notes
Attack Receive damage equal or greater than
75% of maximum HP in one attack.
500 damage to all enemies. 250 damage to all enemies. -
Recovery Fully heals HP and ailments. Fully heals HP.
Defense Health is below 12.5%. Reflects all attacks. Nullifies all attacks.
Assist Casts all -Kaja spells on self. Casts Raku and Sama Kaja on self.
Revival Character dies. Revives with full HP. Revives with 25% HP. Can be triggered with Recarm Dora.
Special Kill all enemies. No effect. Ineffective against bosses.
Doesn't work if killed by Another Dimension.

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