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The Underworld is a location in the series.


The Underworld is loose term for all supernatural realms of the dead in various religious traditions and myths, located below the world of the living where people are judged and where the sinners are punished by the deities and demons of their own religions and theologies.

The concept of an underworld is found in almost every civilization and "may be as old as humanity itself". Common features of underworld myths are accounts of living people making journeys to the underworld, often for some heroic purpose.



Shin Megami Tensei II

The Underworld is located underneath Tokyo Millennium. It is the place where demons and humans who are fugitives under the eyes of the Center, or are just fleeing from persecution on Millennium of any kind, cohabit. It is located, as its name implies, in the subsoil; more specifically, in the ruins of the original Tokyo, devastated by the aftermath of the Great Destruction. Just like Tokyo Millennium, the Underworld is divided in multiple areas, each corresponding to a different Japanese city that was destroyed by the war, and the subsequent flood. In the center of the Underworld, six stonehenge-like structures and a giant stone face serve as a gateway to the Expanse.

Main Districts


Its main residents are the Fairy and Jirae. They all live in harmony under the watchful vigilance of the fairy King Oberon from his throne. In this same area, an abandoned warehouse can also be found, filled with harmless traps set by Puck, one of the citizens in Oberon's kingdom, famous for his numerous pranks.

It is also here where Daleth sets off for good after an incident with the "Fidelily Sap" (a magical potion that can make anyone fall deeply in love with the first person they see), where he start to develop feelings for a timid fairy named Hanoun, the owner of a drug shop in the area.


This town is under the dominion of the Jirae, hardworking demons (and some humans) who earn a living by excavating precious weapons and other items from ages past in a nearby site and selling them to clients from the surface.


The ruins of Roppongi have been transformed into a community where the mutants dwell, humans who were horribly disfigured by the toxic radiation that affected the surface of the Earth after the nuclear war. Sealed under the earth by the construction of Tokyo Millennium, the mutants were cast out by the Center, and forced to forever live out of the reach of the sunlight.

The Mutant Elder is the one in charge of the Roppongi Area and, according to him, what the mutants most desire is not to be accepted, or reparation for the acts of the Center, the one thing they demand is to be able to see the sun again, along with the rebirth of the city of Tokyo; now buried and forgotten, just like them.

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