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Yu Narukami's ultimate Persona, Izanagi-no-Okami.

An ultimate Persona (最強ペルソナ, Saikyou Perusona)? or advanced Persona (後期ペルソナ, Kouki Perusona)? is a Persona formed when an individual undergoes a great change or gains a new sense of resolve. These Personas are among the strongest that their users can summon and typically represent gods or similarly powerful entities as a result. As their users continue to develop, ultimate Personas can gain new forms or fuse with initial Personas, as seen in Persona 4 Golden and Persona 5 Royal, respectively. In most games, ultimate Personas come with signature skills and more powerful resistances.

In Megami Ibunroku Persona through Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, these Personas are gained all at once with only a few exceptions, representing steps the respective parties take together. From Persona 3 onward, second awakenings are more character-specific and are often prompted by story, Social Link or Confidant events.

Initial Personas can gain the same amount of strength as ultimate Personas. This only occurs when the Persona-user in question rejects their second awakening.



Megami Ibunroku Persona[]

The ultimate Personas are fused by adding certain Totems to fusions that result in a Persona whose Arcana is the same as the ultimate Persona's Arcana, and can only be equipped by the character they belong to. The totems are gained towards the end of the game, though the exact method depends on the route.

In the SEBEC quest, if the protagonist performs good deeds throughout the quest, when he meets with his other self in the Alaya Cavern, the other self will reward him with the totems.

In the Snow Queen route, the protagonist has to trade Ambrosia gained from defeating the Tower bosses with Raiho during the final dungeon. If the harder towers are completed before the easier ones, more Ambrosia will be given.

Character Arcana Persona Lvl Totem
Protagonist Emperor Amen Ra 62 Rosetta Stone
Maki Sonomura Priestess Verdandi 61 Pasque Flower
Kei Nanjo Judgement Yamaoka 60 Amber Glasses
Masao Inaba Chariot Susano-o 59 Purified Water
Yukino Mayuzumi Empress Durga 57 Bisonskin Drums
Yuka Ayase Magician Frey 59 Stuffed Deer
Eriko Kirishima Judgement Michael 62 Judgement Contract
Hidehiko Uesugi Justice Tyr 54 Victorian Rune
Reiji Kido Death Mot 58 Babylonian Coffin

Persona 2[]

Innocent Sin[]

Most of the ultimate Personas are gained after defeating Joker in the Caracol if the party found the corresponding mask at Mt. Iwato (the Red Eagle Mask for Apollo, the Yellow Owl Mask for Hades, the Pink Azas Mask for Venus and the Blue Swan Mask for Artemis).

Having Apollo, Venus, and Hades equipped at the end of the boss battles against their reverse counterparts in Leo Temple, Taurus Temple, and Scorpio Temple respectively will change the Personas' resistances:

  • Apollo's weakness to Dark will turn into an immunity. His resistance to Nuclear will be upgraded into an immunity. He'll still be weak to Water and Ice, but the amount of damage he receives from those elements will be reduced.
  • Venus' weakness to Dark will turn into an immunity. She'll go from taking neutral damage from Elec to resisting it. Her weakness to Ice will be upgraded into taking neutral damage from that element. She'll still be weak to Wind, but the amount of damage she receives from it will be reduced.
  • Hades' weakness to Dark will turn into an immunity. His weakness to Nuclear will be upgraded into taking neutral damage from it. He'll still be weak to Fire, but the amount of damage he receives from that element will be reduced.

Yukino retains Durga as her ultimate Persona, which is obtained if she comes to terms with Shunsuke Fujii's death and stays with Tatsuya's party at the Caracol. Jun Kurosu's ultimate Persona is Chronos, obtained by equipping Hermes during the Aquarius Temple's boss fight and then mutating it once it reaches maximum rank.

Character Lvl. Persona Requirement Location Unique Skill
Tatsuya Suou 53 Apollo Obtain the Red Eagle Mask on Mt. Iwato, then defeat Joker. Caracol Nova Kaiser
Eikichi Mishina 57 Hades Obtain the Yellow Owl Mask on Mt. Iwato, then defeat Joker. Bloody Honeymoon
Lisa Silverman 57 Venus Obtain the Pink Azas Mask on Mt. Iwato, then defeat Joker. Foamy Lover
Maya Amano 51 Artemis Obtain the Blue Swan Mask on Mt. Iwato, then defeat Joker. Crescent Mirror
Yukino Mayuzumi 44 Durga Accept Fujii's death and stay with the party. Thunder Inferno
Jun Kurosu 57 Chronos Equip Hermes during the Aquarius Temple boss fight, then mutate at MAX Rank. Velvet Room Cross Fortune

Eternal Punishment[]

Except for Tatsuya, who has already obtained his ultimate Persona, Apollo, before the beginning of the story, all other characters' ultimate Personas require the party to obtain the Material Cards from Mt. Iwato and then summon them in the Velvet Room manually. This gives the party the freedom to apply a magic card and stat boost card during the summoning. The ultimate Personas in Eternal Punishment are slightly less powerful and useful skill-wise than in Innocent Sin, but consume less SP.

Character Lvl. Persona Requirement Location Unique Skill
Tarot cards Material card
Maya Amano 63 Artemis Moon (252) Silver Bow Mt. Iwato Crescent Mirror
Ulala Serizawa 62 Astria Star (248) Ortyx Twinkle Nebula
Katsuya Suou 63 Hyperion Justice (189) Ancient Sun Justice Shot
Baofu 61 Prometheus Hanged Man (244) Bronze Ring Wiseman Snap
Eriko Kirishima 76 Gabriel Judgement (304) Lily EX Dungeon 2-A Release Jail
Kei Nanjo 75 Yamaoka Hierophant (225) Amber Eyeglasses EX Dungeon 2-C Guardian Hammer
Tatsuya Suou 62 Apollo N/A Nova Cyther

Persona 3[]

The ultimate Personas are evolved forms of the initial Personas gained throughout the story, based on their operator's character development. Following a story-specific prompt, each character individually experiences a personal resolution, which brings about the metamorphosis of their initial Persona into their ultimate Persona. The ultimate Personas are listed below in order of metamorphosis.

Gameplay-wise, ultimate Personas nullify what element their previous forms were resistant towards, with sole exception of Messiah. The party member's ultimate Personas can also gain more skills by leveling up compared to their initial Personas.

Messiah's affinities change with each successive game in the Persona 3 series:

  • In the original P3, Messiah had just Repel Light and is weak to Darkness for its affinity chart.
  • In FES and Portable, Messiah was buffed to have a resistance to all magic, though retaining the previous affinities with Light and Dark.
  • In Reload, Messiah's long-standing weakness to Dark Skills was patched out, and now Repels Dark instead of being weak to it.

In Reload, when a party member's Persona evolves into their ultimate form, they would unlock a new Theurgy spell to use in battle in addition to the Theurgy skill they already have beforehand.

In any instance where a scenario continues from the end of the Journey (such as the Answer and the Persona 4 Arena series of games), all surviving members of SEES have their ultimate Personas by default, if applicable.

Character Persona Prompt Resolution
Akihiko Sanada Caesar Death of Shinjiro Aragaki To face everything head-on
Ken Amada Kala-Nemi Being saved by Shinjiro Aragaki To live for his mother and Shinjiro
Fuuka Yamagishi Juno Natsuki Moriyama transferring schools To protect those she is connected with
Yukari Takeba Isis Receiving her father's true message To fulfill her father's wishes by fighting against the Dark Hour
Mitsuru Kirijo Artemisia Death of her father To carry on her father's legacy
Junpei Iori Trismegistus Death of Chidori Yoshino and fusion of Hermes and Medea To live for Chidori
Aigis Athena Failure to eliminate Ryoji Mochizuki and to fulfill her predetermined purpose To "live" and decide her own fate
Makoto Yuki / Kotone Shiomi Messiah N/A N/A

Shinjiro Aragaki (who died protecting Ken), Koromaru and Metis do not gain ultimate Personas. The protagonist can only obtain their ultimate Persona by fusion upon completion of the Judgement Social Link.

In Reload, it is speculated that Cerberus is already Koromaru's ultimate Persona. Aigis speculated that he had experienced a major event beforehand to have already triggered his Persona evolution, which would explain on how he is able to have two Theurgies when he first joins the party. Koromaru's Cerberus is consistently displayed with having an unprecedented two Null elements in Cerberus' affinity chart, which initial Personas simply don't have access to, and the Q series consistently nerfs Cerberus's Null Fire trait to Resist Fire, a trait that is more in line with ultimate Personas starting with Persona 4.

Social Links[]

Starting with Persona 3 was the introduction of the Social Link mechanic, and upon completion of a Social Link offer the strongest Persona of the Arcana that Social Link is tied to. This is done by the Social Link holder gifting Makoto Yuki/Kotone Shiomi a special item during the Rank 10 event that allows them to fuse for that Persona.

Unique to the P3 games starting with FES is a Persona that can only be unlocked upon completing all the Social Links in the game in one playthrough, with that Persona being Orpheus Telos.

Arcana Social Link Holder Persona S.Link Item
Fool Arcana Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad Susano-o, the Raging God N/A
Magician Arcana Kenji Tomochika
Junpei Iori (Portable & Kotone only)
Surt, the Inferno God (P3, FES & P3P)
Futsunushi, the Warrior God (Reload only)
Handmade Choker
Priestess Arcana Fuuka Yamagishi Scathach, the Instructor Headphones
Empress Arcana Mitsuru Kirijo Alilat, the Ancient Goddess Motorcycle Key
Emperor Arcana Hidetoshi Odagiri Odin, the Storm God Cheap Light
Hierophant Arcana Bunkichi and Mitsuko Kitamura Kohryu, Guardian of Nature Persimmon Fruit
Lovers Arcana Yukari Takeba Cybele, the Earth Mother Yukari's Strap
Chariot Arcana Kazushi Miyamoto
Rio Iwasaki (Portable & Kotone only)
Thor, the Mighty God of Thunder Sports Tape
Annotated Guide (Portable & Kotone only)
Justice Arcana Chihiro Fushimi
Ken Amada (Portable & Kotone only)
Melchizedek, the Hand of Justice / King of Justice Manga
Silver Key (Portable & Kotone only)
Hermit Arcana Isako "Maya" Toriumi
Saori Hasegawa (Portable & Kotone only)
Arahabaki, the Aboriginal God Screenshot Data
PA Recording (Portable & Kotone only)
Fortune Arcana Keisuke Hiraga
Ryoji Mochizuki (Portable & Kotone only)
Norn, the Three Goddesses of Fate (P3, FES & P3P)
Lakshmi, the Goddess of Fertility (Reload only)
Award Letter
Faint Glow Ring (Portable & Kotone only)
Strength Arcana Yuko Nishiwaki
Koromaru (Portable & Kotone only)
Siegfried, the Bearer of Victory (P3, FES, & P3P)
Atavaka, the Wisdom King General (Reload only)
Kids' Letter
Dirty Collar (Portable & Kotone only)
Hanged Man Arcana Maiko Oohashi Attis, the God of Sacrifice Bead Ring
Death Arcana Pharos Thanatos, the Bringer of Death N/A
Temperance Arcana Andre Laurent "Bebe" Jean Geraux Byakko, the King of all Beasts (P3 only)
Yurlungur, Governor of the Heavens (FES onwards)
Money Pouch
Devil Arcana President Tanaka Beelzebub, Lord of Hell Thank-you Letter
Tower Arcana Mutatsu Chi You, the Warrior King Reserve Tag
Star Arcana Mamoru Hayase
Akihiko Sanada (Portable & Kotone only)
Lucifer, the Light-bearer (P3 only)
Helel, the Light-bearer / the One Who Holds Up Light (FES onwards)
Car Key
Moon Arcana Nozomi "Gourmet King" Suemitsu
Shinjiro Aragaki (Portable & Kotone only)
Sandalphon, the Deliverer of Prayers / the Angel That Conveys Prayers Gourmet License
Leather Watch (Portable & Kotone only)
Sun Arcana Akinari Kamiki Asura, the Grand Being Worn Notebook
Judgement Arcana Nyx Annihilation Team Messiah, the Savior N/A
Aeon Arcana
(FES onward)
Aigis Metatron, Attendant to the Infinite Charred Screw

Persona 4[]

The awakened Persona (覚醒ペルソナ, Kakusei Perusona)?, like in Persona 3, are evolved forms of the initial Personas. Unlike in Persona 3, these Persona are obtained by maxing out the respective party member's Social Link.

Gameplay-wise, awakened Personas nullify whatever element their normal forms were previously resistant to, all the while gaining a resistance towards another element. The only exception to this is the protagonist's ultimate Persona, which resists Physical, Fire, Ice, Electricity and Wind Skills, though it also loses its previous form's Darkness nullification, being neutral to Light and Darkness.

Character Persona Requirement
Yu Narukami Izanagi-no-Okami Unlock True Ending*
Yosuke Hanamura Susano-o Max out S.Link Magician
Chie Satonaka Suzuka Gongen Max out S.Link Chariot
Yukiko Amagi Amaterasu Max out S.Link Priestess
Kanji Tatsumi Dairoku Tenmaou Max out S.Link Emperor
Rise Kujikawa Kanzeon Max out S.Link Lovers
Teddie Kamui Max out S.Link Star
Naoto Shirogane Yamato-Takeru Max out S.Link Fortune
  • The protagonist automatically gains his own ultimate Persona, Izanagi-no-Okami, during the final battle in the True Ending, but it cannot be used in normal gameplay until a certain fusion is performed on a New Game Plus file after obtaining the True Ending.


Persona 4 Golden offers new, third-tier Personas for every character (except for the protagonist, who still gains Izanagi-no-Okami during the final battle in the True Ending and can only be used in normal gameplay upon fusion in New Game Plus). Unlocking these Personas grants the respective Persona a unique ultimate skill. To unlock these ultimate Personas, the protagonist must first max out the corresponding teammate's Social Link, and then speak with them for another Social Link meeting at any point after 1/10 to evolve their Persona further. Most of the third-tier Personas for the Investigation Team are named after extensions of their gods' names (Yosuke and Teddie), alternative readings of their names (Kanji and Rise), or epithets revolving around them (Yukiko and Naoto), with Chie's third tier being wholly untied to her ultimate Persona.

Gameplay-wise, these new ultimate Personas now absorb whatever element their awakened forms had previously been nullified towards, while most of the third tiers promote the resistance their second forms had into a nullification, exceptions being Takeji Zaiten (who now resists Phys) and Yamato Sumeragi (who has no drain affinity, instead repelling Light and Darkness).

As a result of the party's respective Social Links having unlockable skills as the protagonist progresses through them in Golden, ultimate Personas now gain an evade skill towards the element they are weak against when the Social Link is maxed out, lowering their chances of them being downed, with sole exception to Yamato-Takeru, who doesn't have a exploitable weakness and so learns Invigorate 3 instead. Third-tier Personas also grant each party member's ultimate skill upon awakening.

Character Persona Ultimate Skill Effect
Yu Narukami Izanagi-no-Okami Myriad Truths The word of power that banishes all the world's curses and falsehoods.
Yosuke Hanamura Takehaya Susano-o Youthful Wind Moderately restores party's HP and raises Hit/Evasion rate for 3 turns.
Chie Satonaka Haraedo-no-Okami Dragon Hustle Increases the party's Attack, Defense, and Hit/Evade.
Yukiko Amagi Sumeo-Okami Burning Petals Deals severe Fire damage to all foes.
Kanji Tatsumi Takeji Zaiten The Man's Way May inflict Down/Dizzy on all foes.
Rise Kujikawa Kouzeon Complete Analysis View foe's skills and elemental affinities, even those you have not tried.
Overrides Full Analysis
Teddie Kamui-Moshiri Kamui Miracle Anything could happen...

1. All allies and/or all foes' HP and SP fully recovered;
2. All allies and/or all foes downed;
3. All allies and/or all foes inflicted with random status ailment;
4. Nothing.

Naoto Shirogane Yamato Sumeragi Shield of Justice Shields the party from all damage once.

Social Links[]

Starting with Persona 4, Social Links with teammates will provide various automatic bonuses that can be used in battle. Unique to Persona 4 Golden is Skills locked behind Social Link progression, though with Golden, teammate Personas learn Evasion skills once their Personas evolve into their ultimate Personas upon completing their Social Links.

Arcana Social Link Holder Persona S.Link Item
Fool Arcana Investigation Team Loki, the Shape-Shifter N/A
Magician Arcana Yosuke Hanamura Mada, the Intoxicator Buddy Bandage
Priestess Arcana Yukiko Amagi Scathach, the Mentor Shrine Charm
Empress Arcana Margaret Isis, the Mother of Reincarnation Spiral Brooch
Emperor Arcana Kanji Tatsumi Odin, the God of Storm Cute Strap
Hierophant Arcana Ryotaro Dojima Kohryu, the Almighty Guardian Coffee Mug
Lovers Arcana Rise Kujikawa Ishtar, the Goddess of Love Signed Photo
Chariot Arcana Chie Satonaka Futsunushi, the Divine Sword Wristbands
Justice Arcana Nanako Dojima Sraosha, the Scourge of Evil Family Picture
Hermit Arcana Fox Ongyo-Ki, the Shadow Dweller Gratitude Ema
Fortune Arcana Naoto Shirogane Norn, the Triple Godhead of Fate Detective Badge
Strength Arcana Kou Ichijo or Daisuke Nagase Zaou-Gongen, the One who Demands Surrender Letter to Kou or Spike Brush
Hanged Man Arcana Naoki Konishi Attis, the God of Sacrifice Junes Receipt
Death Arcana Hisano Kuroda Mahakala, the King of Darkness Old Fountain Pen
Temperance Arcana Eri Minami Vishnu, the Preserver of the World Clover Bookmark
Devil Arcana Sayoko Uehara Beelzebub, the Prince of Lies Hospital ID
Tower Arcana Shu Nakajima Shiva, the God of Destruction Test Results
Star Arcana Teddie Helel, the Light-bearer N/A
Moon Arcana Ai Ebihara Sandalphon, the Angel of Prayers Compact
Sun Arcana Yumi Ozawa or Ayane Matsunaga Asura, the Highest of the High Annotated Script or Handmade Ticket
Judgement Arcana Seekers of Truth Lucifer, the Rebel King of Hell N/A
Aeon Arcana
(Golden only)
Marie Kaguya, the Moonlit Night's Visitor Old Bamboo Comb
Jester Arcana
(Golden only)
Tohru Adachi Magatsu-Izanagi, the Tempter of the Void Adachi's Letter

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth[]

All ultimate Personas from Persona 3 and Persona 4 are revisited in Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. When both protagonists reach a Level 55, Margaret will make a request challenging only the protagonists to a fight. When emerging victorious, Margaret notes that a change has occurred within the both of them, with Orpheus transfiguring into Messiah and Izanagi transfiguring into Izanagi-no-Okami. Margaret states that due to the power of the two Wild Cards coming together and facing a battle to the death, the protagonists will obtain even greater power, and because the Wild Card has extended to their companions, their Personas will be able to evolve as well if their level is at a certain point (Level 55 or higher). Shinjiro and Koromaru ask Margaret if it is possible for their Personas to remain the same so that they can never forget what they have done, or failed to do; Margaret tells them that if they focus on keeping their same Persona, it should be possible for them to stay the same while they gain new power.

On evolution, most Personas gain a new resistance. The two protagonists get the most out of the evolution due to resisting most attacks and shedding a weakness. In addition to new resistances, an ultimate Persona learns a unique skill that fills in the unused 4th slot in their skill set.

Character Persona Special Skill
P3 hero Messiah Debilitate
P4 hero Izanagi-no-Okami Heat Riser
Yukari Takeba Isis Tornado Boost
Junpei Iori Trismegistus Golden Gemini
Akihiko Sanada Caesar Conqueror Title
Mitsuru Kirijo Artemisia Punishment
Aigis Pallas Athena Aegis Shield
Koromaru Cerberus Deadly Vanguard
Ken Amada Kala-Nemi Target Boost
Shinjiro Aragaki Castor Whirlwind Swing
Yosuke Hanamura Susano-o Death Needle
Chie Satonaka Suzuka Gongen Furious Fists
Yukiko Amagi Amaterasu Inferno Boost
Kanji Tatsumi Dairoku Tenmaou Uprising
Teddie Kamui Amrita
Naoto Shirogane Yamato-Takeru Powerhouse
Fuuka Yamagishi Juno Oracle
Rise Kujikawa Kanzeon Into the Void

Persona 5[]

The ultimate Personas, like in Persona 4, are evolved forms of the initial Personas gained through maxing out the party member's Confidant relationship. All of the evolved Personas are described as trickster deities in-game.

Gameplay-wise, ultimate Personas nullify whatever element their normal forms were resistant to, all the while gaining a resistance towards another element. They also gain an evade skill towards the element they are weak against, lowering their chances of being downed. The only exception to this is the protagonist's ultimate Persona, which drains Curse and nullifies Bless while being resistant to all other attacks (except Almighty).

Character Persona Requirement
Ren Amamiya Satanael Unlock True Ending
Morgana Mercurius Max out Magician Confidant
Ryuji Sakamoto Seiten Taisei Max out Chariot Confidant
Ann Takamaki Hecate Max out Lovers Confidant
Yusuke Kitagawa Kamu Susano-o Max out Emperor Confidant
Makoto Niijima Anat Max out Priestess Confidant
Futaba Sakura Prometheus Max out Hermit Confidant
Haru Okumura Astarte Max out Empress Confidant

Goro Akechi does have another Persona, Loki, but it is not an ultimate Persona and he summons it when he is no longer a party member, meaning it is not playable.


Persona 5 Royal, like Persona 4 Golden before, offers third-tier Personas. During the awakening process, the character's initial and ultimate Personas fuse together. All third-tier Personas are named after either the original names of the fictional characters their initial Personas represent or the historical basis for the same.

In order to trigger the evolution of any of the party member's third-tier personas bar Morgana and Akechi, their confidants must be maxed and the protagonist must be invited to their homes for a talk during specific dates, starting with Ann Takamaki during January 13th. (Morgana's will automatically awaken on January 10th.) During that meeting, they will all apologize for so easily accepting the reality of Takuto Maruki and lament failing to protect the protagonist while he was risking his life for their sake. They then swear to him that they will deal with their grief and move forward, awakening their third tier persona by fusing their initial and ultimates. Triggering a third-tier awakening causes time to pass, as is the case for Confidant events.

The conditions for Sumire to unlock her third-tier Persona are the same as most of the other party members, but it can only be done during the daytime of February 2nd. Akechi, if the conditions for the True Ending have been fulfilled, will awaken to his Persona if the protagonist refuses Maruki's final offer.

Both Akechi and Sumire's third-tier Personas will evolve on February 2nd, but due to the fixed schedule for that day, they can only be used on February 3rd, where combat is last available. This applies to New Game Plus as well. This means these Personas can only be used in combat in Maruki's Palace, most obviously against the final boss, though the party may still engage in normal enemy encounters and participate in Velvet Room Challenge Battles during this time.

The protagonist's third-tier Persona, Raoul, is only obtainable by purchasing the DLC for it.

Gameplay-wise, most third tier Personas possess the same defensive abilities as their ultimate Personas. The exceptions are Raoul (who nullifies Curse but is weak to Light), Hereward and Ella (who are respectively granted resistances to Psychokinesis and Nuclear skills, respectively). Third-tier Personas also grant each party member's Ex skill upon awakening.

Character Persona Ex Skill Effect
Ren Amamiya


Sinful Shell A bullet made from the Seven Deadly Sins that can pierce even a god.
Raoul* Phantom Show Inflict Sleep (high odds) to all foes.
Morgana Diego Miracle Rush Medium Physical damage to all foes. High critical rate.
Ryuji Sakamoto William Fighting Spirit Multiply party's next Physical attack damage by 2.5.
Ann Takamaki Célestine High Energy Multiply party's next Magic attack damage by 2.5.
Yusuke Kitagawa Gorokichi Hyakka Ryouran Increase party's Attack, Defense and Agility for 3 turns.
Makoto Niijima Agnes Checkmate Decrease all foes' Attack, Defense and Agility for 3 turns.
Futaba Sakura Al Azif Ultimate Support Fully restore HP (including revival if necessary) and cure all ailments of party except for special status.
Haru Okumura Lucy Life Wall Erect a shield on all allies to repel 1 (non-Almighty) attack.
Goro Akechi Hereward Rebellion Blade Colossal Almighty damage to 1 foe. Stronger against downed targets.
Sumire Yoshizawa Ella Masquerade Severe physical damage to one foe two times.
  • The protagonist's ultimate persona in-game is Satanael, while his third tier persona, Raoul, is DLC exclusive.

In Royal, both Akechi and Sumire also receive ultimate Personas. Akechi is a unique case since Loki is technically his alternate initial Persona, but is treated as an ultimate Persona for the sake of gameplay. Takuto Maruki also gets an ultimate Persona, Adam Kadmon, though he is not playable and gameplay wise it and its previous form are considered more akin to a boss character with traits that are unusual for personas to have.

Character Persona Requirement
Goro Akechi Loki Unlock "True Ending"
Sumire Yoshizawa Vanadis Max out Faith Arcana


In Persona 5, the Social Link system is tweaked into Confidants. Unlike Social Links, Confidants provide tangible bonuses in and out of combat, due to them being in nature deals made with Ren Amamiya. Additionally, the fusion items that Confidants would give out after completing their respective Confidant is instead provided at the end of the game before Ren would leave for home, on 3/19.

The Confidant items also allow the user to enjoy perks without needing to progress a Confidant to that level in a New Game Plus run, ranging from certain, some, or all of a Confidant's perks, as long as the player has at least started that Confidant in the first place.

Arcana Social Link Holder Persona Confidant Farewell Gift
Fool Arcana Igor Vishnu N/A
Magician Arcana Morgana Futsunushi Morgana's Scarf
Priestess Arcana Makoto Niijima Cybele Buchi Calculator
Empress Arcana Haru Okumura Mother Harlot Dyed Hankerchief
Emperor Arcana Yusuke Kitagawa Odin Desire and Hope
Hierophant Arcana Sojiro Sakura Kohryu Recipe Notes
Lovers Arcana Ann Takamaki Ishtar Fashion Magazine
Chariot Arcana Ryuji Sakamoto Chi You Sports Watch
Justice Arcana Goro Akechi Metatron N/A
Hermit Arcana Futaba Ongyo-Ki Promise List
Fortune Arcana Chihaya Mifune Lakshmi Fortune Tarot Card
Strength Arcana Caroline & Justine Zaou-Gongen Cell Key
Hanged Man Arcana Munehisa Iwai Attis Gecko Pin
Death Arcana Tae Takemi Alice Dog Tag
Temperance Arcana Sadayo Kawakami Ardha Unlimited Service
Devil Arcana Ichiko Ohya Beelzebub Interview Notes
Tower Arcana Shinya Oda Mada Gun Controller
Star Arcana Hifumi Togo Lucifer Kosha Piece
Moon Arcana Yuuki Mishima Sandalphon Documentary Notes
Sun Arcana Toranosuke Yoshida Asura Fountain Pen
Judgement Arcana Sae Niijima Satan Business Card
Faith Arcana
(Royal only)
Kasumi Yoshizawa Maria N/A
Councillor Arcana
(Royal only)
Takuto Maruki Vohu Manah N/A

Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth[]

All ultimate Personas from Persona 3Persona 4, and Persona 5 appear in Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth. Special Screenings number 42 through 45 each yield a Sooty Film on completion, which the party brings to Elizabeth to initiate a fight with one of the Velvet Room attendants. When the party completes all four fights, all four protagonists will obtain their ultimate Personas. Everyone else's Personas will be able to evolve as well if they reach level 55; for party members already above that threshold, the evolution takes place the next time they level up. Shinjiro, Koromaru and Akechi are exceptions, and will instead have a powered-up version of their Personas.

On evolution, a character's Persona will gain new resistances. The protagonists stand the most to gain from this evolution, as their ultimate Personas shed most of their weaknesses and resist multiple elements. Akihiko, Ken, Kanji, Naoto, and the P5 cast will upgrade their innate resistance into an immunity; Akechi also loses his weakness to Curse in the process, while Naoto gains a resistance to Fire. Shinjiro and Koromaru will not change their resistances or weaknesses on evolution.

Each character's Persona has a unique skill that isn't learned by anyone else. When their Personas evolve to their ultimate form, that skill will automatically upgrade to a stronger version. If that unique skill was deleted or never learned, the party member can have the upgraded unique skill overwrite any of the Persona's other skills. The Navigators do not learn any new skills on evolution, instead, two of their in-battle support skills will have their costs reduced by 1.

Character Persona Special Skill
P4 hero Izanagi-no-Okami Protecting Sword
P3 hero Orpheus Telos Judgment Card
P3 heroine Messiah Telepathic Bond
P5 hero Satanael Revolt Vanguard
Morgana Mercurius Trick Step
Ryuji Sakamoto Seiten Taisei Revenge Style
Ann Takamaki Hecate Mistress Lash
Yusuke Kitagawa Kamu Susano-o Snack Expertise
Makoto Niijima Anat Unlimiter
Haru Okumura Astarte Axe Bulwark
Goro Akechi Robin Hood Detective's Ban
Yosuke Hanamura Susano-o Kunai Dance
Chie Satonaka Suzuka Gongen Counter Bash
Yukiko Amagi Amaterasu Mirage Dance
Kanji Tatsumi Rokuten Maou Machismo Barrier
Teddie Kamui Invincible Bod
Naoto Shirogane Yamato Takeru Cost Reduction
Yukari Takeba Isis Intercept Fire
Junpei Iori Trismegistus Called Shot
Akihiko Sanada Caesar Sonic Rush
Mitsuru Kirijo Artemisia Empress Pierce
Aigis Athena Aegis Shielding
Koromaru Cerberus Paradise Stroll
Ken Amada Kala-Nemi Great Unity Link
Shinjiro Aragaki Castor Effortless Style
Futaba Sakura Prometheus Zero Shift

Final Guard

Rise Kujikawa Kanzeon Encore

True Analysis

Fuuka Yamagishi Juno Healing Tide


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