"It's probably that...I'm not satisfied with myself... I don't have my place in this world..."
—Ulala grumbling of her aimless life in a pub.

Ulala Serizawa is a character from the Persona 2 duology.



Ulala wears purple lipstick, dyes her hair vivid red and rolls a bun at the top of her head with the strands resembling a star with white highlights. She has a beauty spot under her right eye.

She dresses in a set of a dark green blouse and a long skirt with a spider web pattern, which symbolizes that Ulala is trapped in her own issues and could not escape from those troubles. She also wears dark boots and bandages on her hands.


Ulala is riddled with self-confidence issues, usually depending on men as a self-esteem boost. She is a habitual drinker and also likes to cook; she cleans and cooks for herself and Maya. She's obsessed with fortune telling and loves to go to matchmaking parties.


Ulala Serizawa is introduced as Maya Amano's roommate and have been friends since high school. She failed a grade due to bad grades which explains their age difference.[1] In the Persona 2 duology, she gains a Persona. She has a minor role as an NPC in Persona 2: Innocent Sin and later as a party member in Persona 2: Eternal Punishment.

It is explained that Ulala had the potential to awaken her Persona due to having played the Persona game with Maya long ago.[2] Along with her abilities as a Persona user, she is an expert boxer who is capable of demolishing a punching bag in a few blows. She is known to have bad luck with men which is referenced in the faux Persona 2: Eternal Punishment anime trailer on the fan disc where a photo of Makimura is seen attached onto a punching bag during practice.

Persona 2Edit

Innocent SinEdit

"Maya's friend who works at a lingerie company. A quick-tempered beauty who's frustrated by her bad luck with men..."
—Introductory Paragraph
Ulala has all her savings taken away by a con artist, Youichi Makimura, who has became a member of the Masked Circle, and manipulated other women. While Ulala was at Gold Gym, she correctly assumed he was behind the events and engaged in a chase with him separately from Tatsuya's group. She manages to summon a Persona having been taught by Maya and is implied to defeat him unscathed seeing as she shows up at her and Maya's apartment unharmed.

Eternal PunishmentEdit

"Maya's friend who sells lingerie. A ceramic girl infatuated with fortunes. Her bad luck with men has given her a complex."
—Her introduction, Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
"Maya's best friend who likes fortune telling. Tends to get excited easily."
—Initial Profile Description

She becomes involved with the JOKER case when she goes to Seven Sisters High School with Maya. It is there where her Persona awakens. She and Maya have somewhat of a strained relationship, despite being close friends; she is jealous of Maya's success, and seeing as Ulala puts all her effort in varying fields, she cannot seem to decide on a career. Thus, she drunk dials JOKER on Maya. But upon knowing Maya is actually targeted by JOKER, instead of running away, she stays with her and protects her until Tatsuya Sudou, the first JOKER, is defeated on the blimp.

Following Chizuru Ishigami's announcement of the Joker curse, the party investigates Ulala holing herself up in GOLD gym. When confronted, she reveals herself as an infectee whose resentment towards Maya makes her engage the party in battle. Along with the usual Joker boss attacks like Old Maid, she also possesses the ability to use Gigantic Fist, Pulpina and Maha Garu. She will begin to use Fata Morgana to inflict the Illusion status on all party members and Maha Garula in place of Maha Garu when she is near defeat.

Once defeated, Baofu suggests she be taken to the Velvet Room where Igor suppresses the Joker curse's influence and explains that it is up to Ulala to keep it in check. She decides to make amends for the disastrous incident and speak honestly with Maya, allowing her to resolve her envy issues. After the event, she and Maya become much closer friends.

In Monado Mandala, Ulala faces her Shadow Self, Shadow Ulala.

In the ending, Ulala and Baofu are seen visiting the grave of Miki Asai.

Persona 3Edit

She is a guest on Trish's show Who's Who, described as a lady in her 30s with a beauty spot under her eye who can dance the flamenco. Trish wonders what Ulala would look like with a rose in her mouth.


Solo ContactEdit

  • Fortune Telling: Ulala tells the enemy their fortune.

Group ContactsEdit

  • Radiant Women, Unite!: Select Maya and Ulala in order to activate this contact. They will ask the enemy who of the two they like more.
  • Persuade Special: Choose Katsuya, Maya and Ulala. All three of them will try to pursue the enemy.
  • Costing a Fortune?!: Select either Ulala and Baofu or Ulala, Baofu and Nate. Ulala will offer the enemy to read their fortune, meanwhile Baofu and Nate remark how expensive and nonsensical fortune telling is.
  • Flamenco de la Pasion Select Ulala and Katsuya. Ulala dances while Katsuya is playing the guitar. In order to unlock this contact, you need to talk to Ulala in the Lunar Palace before entering the Sky Museum and talk to Katsuya in Sumaru Prison before entering GOLD.


JOKER UlalaEdit

You piss me off‼
Arcana Type Level HP Normal Drop Rare Drop
- Wind 20 940 - -
Traits None
Ulala who turned into a Joker user.
Atk Def Matk Mdef
Strength 19
Vitality 21
Technique 15
Agility 23
Luck 13
78 82 46 48
Sw Sh Sk Th Ak Fi Wt Wi Er Ic Ln Nc Ho Dk Al Nr Mn
- - - - - - - 14 - - - 24 24 - 24 24
List of Skills
Skill Effect
Maha Garu Inflicts small Wind damage to a group of enemies.
Maha Garula Inflicts medium Wind damage to a group of enemies.
Pulinpa Renders an enemy Confused. (52% chance) [Mind-element]
Fata Morgana Puts a group of enemies under an Illusion. (52% chance) [Almighty-element]
Gigantic Fist Inflicts large Strike damage to an enemy.
Old Maid Forces one random foe to cast the "Joker" spell.

Battle QuotesEdit


  • "So, who wants to have their face smashed in?" (when entering a battle)
  • "Don't underestimate me you *beep*ing bastard!" (when entering a battle)
  • "Someone throw in the towel!" (when entering a battle with low HP)
  • "Body blow, body blow!" (when attacking)
  • "One, two!" (when attacking)
  • "Ciao!" (when summoning a Persona)
  • "Get 'em!" (when summoning a Persona)
  • "Persona!" (when summoning a Persona)
  • "Asteria--!" (when summoning Astria to cast Twinkle Nebula)
  • "Everyone! Get in! Get in!" (when using Fusion Spells)
  • "Alright, go!" (when using Fusion Spells)
  • "Go get 'em!" (when using Fusion Spells)
  • "K.O!" (after winning a battle)
  • "I am the champion!" (after winning a battle)
  • "Why does everyone around me have to be like this?" (rare victory quote)
  • "Bring me back a hunk of a man!" (rare victory quote)
  • "You left your body wide open!" (rare victory quote)
  • "Mmm... I feel refreshed!" (rare victory quote)
  • "Not good!" (when retreating)
  • "Run away! Run away!" (when retreating)
  • "Uhhhh!" (when KO'ed)
  • "Was my guard down...?" (game over)
  • "And I wasn't even married yet..." (game over)

Joker UlalaEdit

  • "You finally get it?... YOU'RE the one I wanna kill, Ma-ya! Ahahahahahaha! (Before Intiating Battle - First Option)
  • "You idiot! Don't you get it...? YOU'RE the one I wanna kill, Ma-ya! Ahahahaha! (Before Initiating Battle - Second Option)
  • "You piss me off!" (Contact)
  • "You can't escape, Ma-ya!" (Escape)
  • "Take that, that, and that!" (Normal Attack)
  • "Hah, hah!" (Normal Attack)
  • "Ciao!" (Casting Maha Garula)
  • "It feels good!" (Casting Maha Garu)
  • "The voices...!" (Casting Pulinpa)
  • "DIE!" (Casting Gigantic Fist)
  • "Joker--!" (Using Old Maid)
  • "Aghhhhh!" (Defeat)
  • "Ahahahahahahha! It's FATE!" (Player is Defeated)


Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
Ulala remake
Ulala's artwork in the remake of Eternal Punishment
Ulala Cutin
Attack render
Ulala Joker
Ulala Serizawa as a Joker
Persona 2 characters
Ulala with the group
Baofu and Ulala visiting Miki's grave in the ending of Eternal Punishment
Persona 2 Portraits
Ulala's portrait from the PSP release of Innocent Sin
PERSONA 20th Anniversary Festival
Persona 20th Anniversary Commemoration Illustrated, P2, 02
Other Appearance
Ulala boxing in the anime trailer
Ulala Serizawa Digital Devil Story Card Game
P4D Margaret P-color Selection DLC
Margaret as Ulala in Persona 4: Dancing All Night


  • Both exclusive Personas of Ulala (Callisto and Astria) are miserable because their beauties have attracted Zeus in their originating mythology, a direct reference to Ulala's misfortune at the hands of dating certain men.
  • Ulala, along with Baofu, appears in Persona 4 Arena as one of Kanji Tatsumi's palette swap. Unlike Odysseus, however, neither Callisto nor Astria's palette is reflected on Kanji's persona, Take-Mikazuchi.


  1. Interview with Satomi Tadashi: Q: Why did she repeat a year in high school? A: As you'd expect, it was her grades.
  2. Interview with Satomi Tadashi: Maya was also the one who taught Ulala the Persona-sama game.

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